| Apr 2019

How to Master the Art of Conversation with your Partner

Holderness conversation

Let’s just get real from the top: Penn and I are statistically more likely to split since I come from divorced parents….and we work together 24/7. So we practice “divorce prevention” as much as possible. We try to stay alert, kind and vocal in all aspects of our relationship. We have found that there is a clear danger when you stick with the small things in conversation. The small things are fine for venting your to-do list in bed as you both try to fall asleep. In this week’s podcast, we talk about the importance and tips for how to take a deep dive (conversationally) as a couple.

Have you ever sat down for that rare date night and you couldn’t find anything to talk about besides what chores need to be done around the house? If so, this podcast is for you. We give you some fun questions to ask each other (and yourself!) that go beyond, “Are you picking the kids up from school tomorrow?” These questions for solid conversations are also great for parents, siblings and friends!

From sharing our most embarrassing moments to our most perfect day, we show you exactly how these types of conversations can help strengthen your bond and give you a smile. And as an added bonus this week, Penn sings karaoke for Karen on the treadmill. Amp it up, Karen!

Have a listen on your phone, tablet, desktop…whatever works for you! Here are the handy links:

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