Can You Name All 10 Of These 1980s Sitcoms?

When it comes to great television, it’s hard not to reminisce on 80s sitcoms. Whether it followed a family unit, a group of friends, or a bar, these shows kept us in front of the TV night after night. While some of the shows stuck with lighthearted topics, others delved in deeper, either way, they all had some extremely catchy theme songs. 

Do you think you have what it takes to identify all 10 of these theme songs from the 80s? If so, turn your volume up and grab a notepad. If you need a hint, take a look at the sentence under each audio snippet. Feeling completely stumped or ready to check your work? Head to the bottom of the post to see how you did! Good luck!

Theme Song #1


Theme Song #2


Theme Song #3


Theme Song #4


Theme Song #5


Theme Song #6


Theme Song #7


Theme Song #8


Theme Song #9


Theme Song #10


All Theme Song Hints

What happens when a substitute teacher gets a red and black suit that grants him superhuman abilities?

What happens when four older women share a home in Miami, Florida?

What happens when Maggie Seaver goes back to work as a reporter while her husband Dr. Jason Seaver works from home?

What happens when Larry’s distant cousin Balki arrives in Chicago from the Mediterranean island of Mypos?

What happens when two ex-hippies raise children during the Reagan administration?

What happens when you walk into a bar in Boston and are greeted by Sam Malone?

What happens when a wealthy playboy meets his son Ricky?

What happens when you stay at the Stratford Inn in rural Vermont?

What happens when you’re a housemother at Eastland School, an all-girls boarding school in Peekskill, New York?

What happens when a prosperous African-American couple is able to move from Queens to Manhattan?

When it comes to 80s sitcoms, I found such comfort in the Golden Girls. It’s funny to think now about how young the actresses playing Rose, Dorothy, Sophia, and Blanche were at the time. They were in their 50s. Their 50s! (That’s not far away from the age I am now. At the time they felt so grandmotherly to me.)

I still watch episodes to this day. It feels like an anxiety blanket for me. First off, it was set in Florida which is where I’m from. You didn’t see that a lot back then, because everything was set in LA or New York. (They even had afternoon thunderstorms on the show.) The thought of growing old with friends was really sweet. 

When that theme song comes on, I instantly smile. They really don’t make show intros like they used to and if they do, most streaming platforms let you skip it. Not in the 80s! Back then you had to sit through the full theme song so it had to be good. I definitely miss that. See the answers below. How did you do and what was your favorite show? 


  1. The Greatest American Hero
  2. Golden Girls
  3. Growing Pains
  4. Perfect Strangers
  5. Family Ties
  6. Cheers
  7. Silver Spoons
  8. Newhart
  9. The Facts of Life
  10. The Jeffersons

How many did you get right?

10: Woah! You sure know your 80s sitcoms! But maybe a television break for you?

8-9: My guess is you grew up in the 80s and loved to watch your shows when you got home from school.

6-7: Were you not allowed to watch tv as a kid? I’m so sorry.

4-5: You are a millennial who knows a little about old tv shows.

0-3: Are you Gen Z? What are you even doing here?