Father’s Day Gift Guide

The kids could give Penn a macaroni noodle necklace and he’d smile ear to ear and tell them why it’s the best present he’s ever received. That’s one thing we all really love about Penn – he gets excited for presents and finds joy in every gift, especially a macaroni necklace. 

Gifts aside, the kids and I look forward to showering him with love and adoration on Father’s Day. It reminds us to stop and be intentional about telling him how thankful we are for the ways he cares for us all the other days of the year. 

If you have a father in your life you want to celebrate, here is our Father’s Day Gift Guide for a few gift ideas we think he’d love. 

AirTags and AirTag Case

Penn loves these handy AirTags for just about anything you can think of. We put them in our car (great for when you need to remember where you parked), they go in our luggage when we travel, and we keep one in the bag of our pricey video equipment. They make it easy to track important things, which is especially great for the person (looking at you Penn) who has a tendency to misplace things. (wink) I’ve even heard of people putting them on their pet! Also, this AirTag case makes a great key ring so he never misplaces those darn keys again. 

Laser Measuring Tape

We aren’t the type to do massive house projects ourselves, but we do enough that when I saw a contractor use one of these laser measuring tapes, I knew Penn would love to have one. Whether it’s around the house projects or simply hanging artwork on the walls, this tape measure it’s so much easier to use without fighting the traditional kind that bends all out of control. 

Oofo Slides

These shoes when the contest for “Footwear Penn Wears The Most.” He discovered them from fellow UVa alum and badass college basketball coach, Dawn Staley. Penn has the Oofo slides pair and he says they are the softest thing he’s ever put under his feet. He got a pair for PC (our son) and he is equally obsessed.

Cup Holder Expander

We can send people to space, but no one can ever design a car with the perfect amount and size of cup holders. It’s one of life’s great mysteries. Enter, the Cup Holder Expander! This simple gadget fits in any regular size cup holder to fit any of your larger size water bottles or coffee mugs. It even has a side cut out for your cup handle to slide perfectly into and a slot to hold his phone! 

Battery Powered Blower

Our battery powered leaf blower is the most used tool we own. The battery powered version makes it lightweight and easy to grab and use for any type of quick clean up job around the porch, garage, or yard. If the dad in your life is using a corded or heavy gasoline version, upgrade him to this option. While you’re at it, upgrade the hedge trimmers and weed wacker to the battery powered version as well. They make all the yard chores so much easier! 

Super Dad Personalized Story

Younger kids will get a kick out of creating this gift for dad. Customize the Super Dad character to look like their dad by choosing skin tone, hair (or no hair) color, and accessories. You can also add a photo and include up to 4 names to be personalized throughout the book. This will become everyone’s favorite bedtime story. 

Noise Canceling Earbuds

Penn loves these noise canceling earbuds for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or when he’s watching a sports game from his phone on-the-go. They are great for working out, traveling, or around the house when he’s doing chores. Also, you might want to grab one of these bluetooth adapters to go with the earbuds. The adapter allows the earbuds to work with airplane entertainment systems or with the treadmill at the gym. 

Audible Subscription

For the dad who already has everything, gift him an Audible book subscription so he can listen to that book he’s been wanting to read. You can choose a subscription anywhere from 1 month up to a year. Bonus, he can listen to our book, Everybody Fights, in audio format (shameless plug). 

Backpack Cooler

This easy to carry backpack cooler is a Dad essential. Whether you are carrying the team Gatorades to the basketball court or taking lunch to the beach, this cooler makes it easy. Tossing the cooler on your back leaves you hands free for all the other gear you will most likely need to carry, and the weight is easier to hold than lugging around a bulky cooler. There are a wide range of options, but we like this affordably priced option that gets the job done without breaking the bank. 

Knee Sleeves

For the dad that loves a very practical gift, Penn told me about these knee sleeves that he says have been a godsend for his knees that are gettin’ old. According to Penn, these Bauerfeind Genutrain knee sleeves are made of a softer fabric than normal knee sleeves so you kind of forget they are even on. He originally got these for The Amazing Race and says he probably would not have finished the race without them. 

Dad Joke Button

For a funny gift, this button will deliver hilarious and cringy Dad Jokes that will make the whole family laugh (or maybe groan). I don’t think I’ve met a dad yet who doesn’t appreciate the silly humor of the classic Dad Joke. It’s small enough that he can keep it around the house, in the car, or at the office anytime he wants to crack a joke. Batteries are included – clearly this was designed by a professional dad! 

On Cloud Training Shoe

Penn and I are both big fans of these On Cloud training shoes. They have the cushioning and support we need for our workouts at the gym. Plus, I love that they are stylish to wear around town while we are running errands. They also make a great all-around travel shoe for a road trip or plane ride. These are an all around great, versatile option for a new pair of sneakers. For the runner Dad, they also come in this running specific version

Foot Massager

Speaking of feet, this foot massager is a dream! Whether he has tired feet from working, exercise, or just simply the fun of aging, this treat for his feet will be much loved. I appreciate on this particular model that the fabric can zip off for easy washing as needed. There are several modes to choose from and it also offers a heated option. 

goodr Sunglasses

These are Penn’s go-to sunglasses, and he has a few pairs in different colors. The affordable price makes it a great option if you don’t want to worry about losing a pricey pair, especially at the pool or beach. The best part is, despite their low price, they really are great sunglasses. The lightweight plastic makes them a perfect pair to wear for an outdoor workout, sitting by the beach, or watching the kids play sports. The gradient lenses offer 100% UV protection, and the aviator style provides that classic look. 

A Little Book About My Awesome Dad

When the kids were preschoolers, I loved seeing their fill in the blank answers to questions about their mom or dad. Whether you have little ones looking to see what funny answer they will come up with or older kids with more serious responses, this fill in the blank style book about what makes their dad awesome will be sure to bring a smile. Order ahead now to give the kids time to fill out the pages before Father’s Day. 

Anything by Vuori

Penn goes through favorite clothing phases every 3-4 years. It used to be Champion, then Under Armour, then Lululemon. Currently, he is all in on anything made by Vuori.  They are about the same price point as Lulu, and, in his opinion, better. Penn says their clothes are softer, better fitting, and he likes that he can wear their gear to work out or when going to the bar for a drink.  He still loves Lulu, but says Vuori feels like the next evolution.

Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Machine

For the coffee loving dad, we love this Nespresso machine. It’s super easy and convenient to whip up a cup of coffee or espresso with its one touch brewing system. We also like that the Nespresso pods are fully recyclable and come in a variety of roasts and flavors. They even come in an iced coffee brew, perfect for making your own iced coffees at home for the summer. 

Collapsible Fishing Rod

Penn used to fish a lot growing up with his Dad. Sometimes when we drive to the beach (with the car stuffed to the gills) or take a flight, you can’t bring a giant fishing pole. This collapsible fishing pole works great to throw into a bag with a small set of lures and bait. You can give a gift set for saltwater fishing to use on your next trip to the beach! 

Holderness Family Hats

Yes, we get some money off of this one, but our hats truly are Penn’s favorites. We spent a ton of time looking for hats with big head holes just so his big, pointy head can fit underneath them (Penn’s own words). He has a hard time finding a hat that fits, and this is one of them. He also likes the fabric and the look, and is super proud of our team for being intentional with this product for Dads like him with big heads.

What’s a great gift you’ve given to a Father in your life or what did we miss from our Father’s Day Gift Guide? Tell us in the comments. 

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