| Aug 2019

How to Have Better Conversations

Holderness Conversation

I think this is one area in which we can all do better: the art of conversation. We have some bad habits of our own, so we brought in an expert. Dan Sipp has worked in theater as an actor and teacher for thirty years. He started working at Duke University in the Standardized Patient Program over 10 years ago. He organizes actors in medical stimulations to give learners the experience clinical reasoning, physical exam skills and interpersonal skills. Welcome Dan to the podcast as we try to be better communicators.

Types of Communication Fails

Everyone has been interrupted or has interrupted someone. Traditional butting in is when someone talks over someone. They are the regular interruptions we are all familiar with. Whereas a non-kinetic interruption is when you came up with a really great idea in your head and stop listening to the other person just so you can jump in at the first pause. This is Penn all day. A third example, one which I’m guilty of, is hijacking conversations. Penn comes in from carpool and I dump my day on him as he walks into the door. Sound familiar?

Real-Life Communication Exercises

Dan gives us exercises on how to stop hijacking conversations and limit interruptions. I gotta say, the Red Ball exercise may just change your relationship. We also take a deep dive into “Yes, and…” communication exercises.

It takes practice to be an effective speaker and listener. We think you’ll love the tips and exercises given in this episode and can’t wait to hear how it improved your communication style! Be sure to share with us on our Facebook Group

How to Listen

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