Diamonds are Forever. But Tattoos are cheaper. And foreverER.

This is the 11th Valentines Day with my wife.  The first 10 have been very standard, and very predictable.  Flowers.  Dinner.  A card.  The card is the most important thing to her, which makes sense.  We eat dinner every day, and we see flowers every day.  I write with my hand so infrequently now that I cramp up while doing it – how sad is that? So a card is something special.  But again, if you are doing the same thing every year, it can only be so “special”.
This year, I hope, is special, because it doesn’t involve flowers.  It involves potential infections.

I was trying to outdo last Mother’s Day, when I went into simulated childbirth labor for her.  I wanted to find a way to tell her that she is the absolute, unquestioned, only one for me.  Generally speaking, a wedding ring covers that gesture.  Here’s the problem – I take it off, all the time.  Not because I am a scumbag, because I have to put product in my hair (because of course I do)  and I don’t want it to get all messy… and then I forget about it.  It sometimes leads to some less-than-fun moments when I come home from a guys’ night out and realize I didn’t wear my ring.  That doesn’t look good.


Why not put a tattoo of her name where my ring is supposed to be?

So that’s what I did. Enjoy the video, and make sure and stick around for her reaction!

Happy Valentines day, sweetheart! I am yours.
For sure.

Four times a day, apply ointment.

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