Don’t Forget The Stocking Stuffers

In traditions past, you might get an orange in the toe of your stocking. Maybe you’d get a new pair of socks and some special candy. Whatever your tradition was, even those small little extras somehow made the holiday season more magical. At less than $10 each, here are a few ideas for some of those add-ons for whatever stockings or gift bags you need to stuff. 

Cuticle Cream 

Winter time is cold and dry. I find myself washing my hands often to ward off cold germs. Help fight off brittle nails with this cuticle cream. 

Holiday Fidget Toys

These cute holiday design popper toys are addicting for kids of any age on your shopping list. And by any age, I mean that my family should probably stick this in my stocking this year!

Reindeer Stress Balls

I think this may be a kids’ toy, but I’d keep one of these for myself to work away all the last-minute stress of holiday planning. How could these stress balls not make you smile? 

Eyelash Curler

If other mascara wearers out there are like me, I am terrible at remembering to replace my curler every so often. It may seem insignificant, but, trust me, a new eyelash curler is always a good idea! 

Mini Megaphone

One of my mom friends recently said all she wanted for Christmas was a megaphone so that she can make sure her kids are hearing her. Whatever your reason, this adorable mini version is sure to come in handy on some occasion. 

Shampoo Massager

My absolute favorite part of getting a haircut is the massaging shampoo. It’s not quite the same as someone doing it for you, but this scalp massager will help keep your hair and scalp clean and give you a spa like feel at the same time. 

Tablet Holder

I often look up recipes online when I’m cooking. This tablet holder would make it so much easier to prop my tablet up to read while I’m prepping dinner. 

The Little Book Of Gratitude

I’ve been trying to focus more on gratitude. This little book has great practical advice and tips on how to implement more gratitude in your everyday life. 

Moisturizing Face Masks

I find it critical to my mental health to get outside everyday even during the coldest months of the wear. These moisturizing face masks help keep my wind chapped face from getting dried out. 

Pop Tubes

Like a cardboard box, sometimes the simplest toys are the ones that keep kids entertained the longest. These fun pop tubes stretch and bend for imaginative play. 

Electronic Cleaning Brushes

I don’t know a single person that couldn’t benefit from these. Just yesterday I took my phone case off and realized just how much gunk accumulates in there. These handy cleaning tools make it easy to wipe out those delicate electronic areas. 

Cell Phone Stand

This handy cell phone stand allows you to prop your phone up for easier viewing whether you’re on a video call, watching your favorite show, or just keeping track of incoming messages while you work. You can easily keep it plugged into to charge at the same time. 

LED Compact Mirror

Maybe I’m getting old, but I will take all the extra lighting I can get to see things better. This mirror takes your purse compact to the next level with the inclusion of LED lighting for on-the-go touch ups. You’ll never have to be worried if you have anything stuck in your teeth with this one!  

Electric Candle Lighter

This one is on my wish list. A candle lighter that doesn’t require any gas or flame and is completely rechargeable. It’s a great sustainable alternative to buying gas lighters. 

Makeup Sponge Case

I love using makeup sponges to blend my makeup, but they make a mess in my bag especially when I’m traveling. This little case is the perfect solution to keeping your sponges clean and protected. 

Reusable Straws

These reusable straws are a great sustainable option to regular plastic straws. They come with a flexible, silicone tip (because I prefer that to the feel of stainless steel against my teeth) and a cleaning brush. 

Overnight Strawberry Lip Mask

Put this lip mask on right before bed to moisturize chapped lips overnight. I like that this product is vegan and cruelty free. 

Head Massager

Our dog, Sunny, isn’t the only one around here that appreciates a good head scratch. With this 4-pack of head massagers, you’ll be the family favorite as everyone melts their stress away. The rubber tips help it glide smoothly without pulling hair. 

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