Ep. 8 Recap: The Amazing Race

We did it. We survived another leg of The Amazing Race. One of the things we didn’t expect in such a highly competitive environment, was making such dear friends. So the end of this episode had us emotional all over again. I started the night with a glass of wine and a little teary-eyed so our kids thought it wasn’t going to go well for us. Instead I was just feeling especially empathetic for our favorite twins.

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What About Our Kids

Besides, “when do you go to the bathroom” the next most commonly asked question is “what do your kids think of all of this?” So when we sat down for this week’s recap of the 9th leg of the Amazing Race, we had some special guests. Lola and PC joined us for the first few minutes of our recap to share their reactions to this week’s episode. They did not hold back. Kids will keep you humble, man.

It’s been so interesting to watch the race through their eyes. They have their own favorites and are quite shocked when we do well. They could do with less of the kissing and lovey-dovey moments but seem somewhat proud. This week in Greece was when it really hit me how far we were away from them. Luckily some yummy souvlaki and Penn’s expert memorization skills kept me focused on the race.

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