Feeding Your Currency 

We do a lot of creating around here. We create videos, podcasts, merchandise, and blogs (like this) for you to read. We spent the majority of last year creating a game and writing a book. When we create, we have specific goals in mind. We want people who interact with our creations to feel seen or to feel like they aren’t alone. We want to bring joy, hope, and laughter. 

To be honest, a lot of times we create the stuff we need to feel those things too. 

What Lights You Up

We had an interview this week on the podcast with our game partner, Peter Denbigh of Skyler Imagination. On the podcast, we talked behind-the-scenes about our new game What The Flock? and what it takes to take a game from concept to reality. However, I was not prepared for the inspiration Peter brought into the conversation around “feeding your currency.”

“Currency doesn’t have to be dollars. You can define it in so many other ways,” explained Peter. “Doing the things that light you up and feed your currency makes you get out of bed in the morning and look at yourself positively in the mirror.” Don’t get me wrong – actual currency also helps, but that’s not the sole reason why we create the things we do. 

Continuing To Work At It

While we all have to use our time and talents to make a living, we can’t forget to incorporate what lights us up and what gets us out of bed. For me, it’s the people I have surrounded myself with, doing work that I believe in, and bringing people joy. I think that’s why I love the engagement that happens in the comment section of posts. Some warn, “don’t read the comments,” but I adore getting to know you in this community. 

I’ve even met people in person and remembered their names from online interactions. It’s my very favorite thing about what we get to do. For me, when the days are rough, I have to remember my currency and what fills my cup. 

Hear the rest of our conversation with Peter about What The Flock? and get a preview of the game as we play it with YOU! (Thanks to everyone who called into the show!) And if games and laughter are feeding your currency, we invite you to check it out here.

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