My 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids & Tweens

We put together a list of fun items for all the kids on your list from toddlers through tweens. Got kids or grandkids to buy for? Or nieces and nephews? Here are some ideas that are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Balance Bike

This adorable balance bike is perfect for the toddlers on the go who aren’t ready for a big kid bike yet. We love that it’s got an adjustable seat and a retro vibe.

Fort Building Kit

This fort building kit is great for hours of indoor fun, especially during the cold winter months.

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker

We love any activity that feels like a game but is also teaching the kids valuable skills. This Pixicade STEM game allows kids to turn their own drawings into playable video games.

Flying Saucer Swing

If you have a tree, this flying saucer swing is a must-have for backyard play. It’s even sturdy enough for adults, so go ahead and get out there and play!

Pedal Car

The adjustable seat on this pedal car allows the car to grow with your child. We had one of these when the kids were little and it was always the hit toy all the kids wanted to play with.

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage

For the kid who loves all things with wheels, this Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage will provide hours of fun and imaginary play.

LEGO Friends Grand Hotel

You can never go wrong with a LEGO purchase. This LEGO Friends Grand Hotel is new for 2021. I love that it comes with a variety of seasonal decorations for the hotel.

LEGO Harry Potter

Also new for LEGO this season is this LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets. I secretly hope someone will ask me to help put this one together.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

We are big fans of gifts that keep our kids active and outdoors. This Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course will take a little installation work but will be well worth it for years to come.

Inflatable Tumbling Mat

If you have a gymnast or tumbler in your life who loves practicing their flips, this inflatable tumbling mat can be used indoors or outdoors to provide a safe practice space.

LED Light Strips

These trendy LED light strips are all the rage for tweens and teens. The lights are easy to stick on, come with a remote, and even sync to “dance” with music.

What Do You Meme? Game

If you love laughing at silly memes, the What Do You Meme? Family Edition is a great addition to your basket of games for family game night.

Indoor Basketballc Hoop

When Penn Charles gets bored on a rainy day, he loves to keep busy with this indoor basketball hoop.

Wireless Karaoke Microphone

This wireless karaoke microphone hooks up to your music source via bluetooth for a quick and easy karaoke night.

Diary Set

This sweet diary set with a lock is perfect for the tween in your life who enjoys journaling.

Bicycle Wheel Lights

Light up the neighborhood (and help keep kids safe) with these fun bicycle wheel lights which are way cooler than the baseball cards we stuck in our tire spokes growing up.

Vanity Mirror

Tween and teen girls will love this lighted vanity makeup mirror for their bedroom. I might have to get one of these for myself while I’m at it.

Light-Up Basketball

For those winter evenings when it’s dark by 5:00 pm, this light-up basketball and LED rim lights are a fun combo for the kid (or adult) who likes to shoot hoops all year long.

Mini Backpack Purse

This sweet mini backpack purse comes in a wide range of colors. Fill it up with a few of her favorite items or a shopping gift card.

Laser Tag Set

I don’t know what came over me, but the first time I ever played laser tag with my kids I got super competitive and had way more fun than I expected. With this rechargeable laser tag set, the kids can play tag anytime and run their energy out.

What are your kids getting this holiday season?

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