Holiday Gifts that Give Back

This year, more than ever, people need our help. Years ago, Penn’s dad requested we stop exchanging gifts and instead, make donations to a favorite charity. I love the tradition and have extended that to other family and friends. Still, I love to wrap and send a gift so we’ve searched for companies creating gifts that give back. 

PS: I’m sure there are many more companies doing great work like this. Please let us know in the comments so we can check them out!


Are we the only family that gives socks for Christmas? The Bombas company creates comfy socks, and for every item purchased, they donate an item to someone affected by homelessness.

4Ocean Jewelry

Before Lola even knew this company had a greater mission, she was obsessed with their bracelets. 4Ocean promises that with every purchase a pound of plastic is pulled from the ocean.  

World Wildlife Fund

We (symbolically) adopt an animal from WWF for our kids each year. They get a stuffed animal to represent the donation and it gives them a chance to learn about conservation efforts around the world.

Uncommon Goods Tote

This site has many gifts that benefit those in need. I love this tote, created by kids, and donates all proceeds to Covid-19 response efforts in the US. 

Preemptive Love

The goods sold at Preemptive Love are made and/or support women in war-torn countries across the world.

Packed with Purpose

This site sells gifts that create social impact. This Toast for Two wine set, for example, benefits artists with developmental disabilities and youth overcoming gun violence trauma.

UNICEF Bluetooth Speaker

I love these speakers, and with every purchase 19 packets of life saving nutrition are given to children in need.

The Flourish Market

The Flourish Market is a personal favorite. The founder, Em Sexton, created this store where every product has a bigger purpose. The jewelry and fashion are produced, or benefit, women in need. 


A portion of the proceeds from this bracelet goes to the American Heart Association – a leading force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

Oakywood Tray

Oakywood is all about creating products out of wood from sustainable sources and for every product purchased, they plant one tree.

Are there any charities or organizations that you donate to yearly that you love? Share in the comments!

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