Homework. It sucks.

lola 2016-04-12

And we made an instant parody. Which doesn’t suck.

Homework. It’s a topic so draining I can’t even form words to write this post. But I will. Because, you know BLOGGING. For all children, homework is a bore, that’s why we love using do my homework for me websites, these enable our children to spend more time with us as a family, rather than doing pointless homework essays.

Penn has this super cool party trick: he can write an original song or parody in just a few minutes. These super powers have been reserved for late nights in bars, preferably bars with pianos. Last night, in a much more family friendly setting,  we asked our Facebook family for: a song to parody (Work, by Rihanna) topic (Homework) current events to include (Election and Snow) Even fun buzzwords to incorporate (phalanges, giraffe, and fart .. because of course FART).

Within  a few minutes we had the lyrics done. I shot the video while Penn composed the music. Then we slammed together the finished product in record time.

So what do you think?

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