How to Stay In Like with Your Partner

Kim Penn Holderness

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Loving each other is easy. Liking each other can get a little tricky. When real life hits, emotions can fly. So, while love is an unwavering foundation, the liking piece needs a little more maintenance. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are sharing our favorite ways to stay “in like” with each other.

January has been a real b. People that we love and support have been going through a tough time. As a family, we are dealing with a really sad situation. We are fine. Those we love are ok. But when schedules are crazy, emotions are high and we’re focused on getting things done, we tend to forget the basic niceties of a relationship. Here are some of the ways we stay “in like” with each other, especially during the hard times.

5 ways to stay in like…

  1. Send cute texts that are just fun. We tell you some of our favorites that we’ve sent each other to help get you started.
  2. Spend time together on an island. Find a bench, couch, or bed (wink, wink) and get those feet off the floor. Toss the devices and float away from the chaos together.
  3. Keep dating each other. We know it is hard to make a plan and get the sitter, but it is always worth it in the end. At this point in the podcast, we took a tough turn. We share a very tough, personal story that turns into a new lesson: have each other’s back.
  4. Make a top ten list. It provides great conversation that isn’t just about the kids or cleaning.
  5. Like yourself first.

Penn adds a few gems at the end as a bonus, so tune in and fall “in like” again. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

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