Living A Slower Life

Last month, I announced my Slow 60 Challenge in an attempt to minimize anxiety and unnecessary stress in my life. Maybe you’ve heard of the “Hard 75” – my Slow 60 is completely the opposite. My goals for the Slow 60 were to:

  • Mediate daily
  • Move daily
  • Minimize multitasking
  • Keep my phone away from bed
  • Find moments of joy daily 

(You can read more about each challenge here.) As always, life has gotten in the way of my goals. I’ve been under the weather and decided to sleep in instead of meditate. It’s been cold out and I’ve decided the couch is better than movement. (But the funny part about both of those examples… isn’t sleeping in and relaxing on the couch the ultimate slowing down?)

How Do You Slow 60

This week on the podcast, I talk to Penn about my Slow 60 Challenge and how I am doing with it. It’s been hard to minimize multitasking and break the habit of trying to fill every moment. While I haven’t been able to achieve my goals everyday, I’m trying to show myself grace.   I make a promise to myself to try again tomorrow. 

In America, we live in a society that values busyness and productivity. When we were on The Amazing Race, I remember not being able to get directions on Sunday for challenges. Every shop was closed because those cultures universally value rest. It’s led me to ask if it is even possible to live a slower life. Are you working full-time, raising kids full-time, and been able to discover the secret? I’d love to hear from you. 

Happy listening and let me know how you “slow” 🙂 


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