Oh No, Gen Z Slang Changed Again

Last week I found a new recipe online, gave it my all in the kitchen, and presented it to my family for dinner. I waited patiently for a review and my daughter exclaimed, “You ate that!” Of course, I did actually “eat” the meal in front of us, but also apparently did a good job? 

To eat is a Gen Z phrase used to show admiration or praise for someone who succeeded or performed well in something. Examples include, “Girl, you ate that outfit” and ”That choreography ate and left no crumbs.” It’s a phrase I’ve been hearing constantly in my house and in texts from my two kids. So often that we made a video about it. 

Get With The Times

In asking my kids about this new phrase, I was reminded of the Gen Z slang guide we made less than two years ago. I was kindly told that most of those words are “old news” now. Very much not a slay (they don’t say “slay” anymore). So I’m back now in 2024 to provide the latest in Gen Z slang. 

As a reminder, The Library of Congress defines Generation Z as those born between 1997 to 2012. That would mean they are anywhere between the ages of 11 and 27. That is a HUGE gap and my sources are aged 14 and 17…and what I could find on TikTok.

Gen Z Vocabulary List (As Of May 2024)

  • Let them cook – give the person some space because they might be onto something
    • Example: “My neighbor has some weird opinions, but let her cook a little and I actually kind of agree with her.”
  • Hits different – Something that you’ve experienced before doesn’t feel the same as it did or has a new feeling to it when it happens again
    • Example: “Now that I’ve seen the Eras Tour, Taylor Swift’s songs hit different.” 
  • Periodt – Using this at the end of the statement adds emphasis or intensity to the point made
    • Example: “If you don’t clean up your room, you’re grounded. Periodt.”
  • Rizz – Short for charisma, an ability to charm and woo a person
    • Example: “Penn folded the laundry for me. I guess he’s got some rizz.”
  • Do it for the plot or Do it for the meme – This generation’s YOLO, making decisions that add excitement or drama to a person’s life, regardless of potential negative consequences
    • Example: “I don’t think I’ll look good in bangs, but I’ll do it for the plot.”
  • It’s a canon event – Derived from the 2023 movie, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” it’s something that shapes a person and defines who they are
    • Example: “Yes I had braces in high school, it was a canon event.”
  • Ick – A feeling of disgust or aversion towards something or someone
    • Example: “I used to have a crush until I saw him flossing in public and now I have the ick.”
  • Stand on business – Staying true to your word and setting boundaries for yourself
    • Example: I walked past the Costco samples without grabbing anything because I’m on a diet and I stand on business.”
  • Bet – Yes, okay, you’re on
    • Example: “Want to go on a mental health walk with me later?” “Bet.”
  • Beige Flag – a behavior that is considered odd, weird, or eccentric, but not necessarily good or bad
    • Example: “My new boyfriend is really into Nickleback. Like he’s been to at least 5 concerts. Beige flag, right?”
  • Get that bag or Secure a bag – acquiring money
    • Example: “You got the job? Get that bag, girly!”

Have you heard of any of these? Any ones we missed? I realize this whole thing might be obsolete in the next 3 months.