A Guide To Gen Z Slang

I’ll be honest, even though we consider ourselves well-versed in the ways of social media – we’re out of the loop with some of the sayings our Gen Z kids use. We published this video poking fun at ourselves trying to learn these phrases but it all comes from a very real place. One day, Penn was determined to learn ALL the lingo. As you can predict, there were a lot (I mean A LOT) of eyerolls.

If you choose to work these phrases into your daily teen communications, brace yourself for the intense eyerolls. Obviously, these are parent-centric examples that make these statements even more cringey. You’ve been warned. 

Vocabulary List 

  • Yeet – to discard an item at high velocity 
    • Example: Everytime my son throws something in the trash he yells, “YEET”
  • No Cap – not lying, telling the truth
    • Example: “No cap, I hate meal prepping for the week.” 
  • Bussin – an adjective to describe something that’s really good 
    • Example: “That new Wegmans pizza is bussin.” 
  • Ship – to support or endorse a romantic pairing 
    • Example: “Is there anyone who doesn’t ship Ross and Rachel?” 
  • Drip – a cool and stylish outfit 
    • Example: You’re wearing your overalls from high school: “Do you like my drip? I like to wear them with only one side buckled.” 
  • Tea – gossip 
    • Example: “I heard they were adding a stoplight by Target. I need to go on NextDoor and find all the tea.” 
  • Cringe – witnessing something embarrassing or awkward 
    • Example: “The dog pooped in the neighbor’s yard and it was so cringe.” 
  • Vibe – to chill, a pleasing ambience 
    • Example: “The stores are already putting out Halloween decorations and it’s totally ruining my summer vibe.” 
  • Understood The Assignment – when someone is giving it their all
    • Example: “Jennifer brought over the best dessert for our potluck. She understood the assignment.” 
  • Slide Into My DMs – direct message someone on social media 
    • Example: “I’m going to slide into my bestie’s DMs and send her this funny video I just watched on TikTok.” 
  • Chuegy – something outrageously annoying to look at it 
    • Example: “I like to wear my black skinny jeans but my daughter says they are so chuegy.” 
  • Live Rent Free – when you are always thinking about someone 
    • Example: “My dog lives rent free in my head. She’s my favorite on the planet.” 
  • Sending Me – to burst with laughter 
    • Example: “You should watch this hilarious SNL skit. It really sends me.” 
  • Main Character Energy – the protagonist that unintentionally lives and breathes 
    • Example: “That cute baby in the Target shopping cart is main character energy.” 

Once you have these definitions memorized, then it will be time to move onto Communication With Teens 102 which is learning texting acronyms. IYKYK. 

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