Released Back Into The Wild

Last weekend, Penn and I actually left town for an adults-only vacation. (I know, I’m just as shocked as you are.) We had a group of friends who were all vaccinated who we hadn’t seen in well over a year, so we decided to road trip down for a long weekend together. I’ve talked before about needing a Couch to Cocktail Party training, like those Couch to 5K programs, but this was a dive head-first into the deep end. And it was amazing. 

For a few brief moments, I forgot all about the year we just endured with this pandemic. Having fun and laughing together with good friends was food for my soul. On this week’s podcast, we talk all about our feelings leading up to and being on the trip. 

Just Like Riding A Bike… Sort Of

While packing for our trip, I realized how rusty I was in preparing to go on vacation. First of all, I have no idea what’s in style anymore. I have a feeling half my closet is completely out of date. Secondly, I hate overpacking. It actually gives me pit sweat to think about. Not to mention packing after a global pandemic where my clothing has mainly consisted of workout attire and sweatpants. I ended up throwing in three dresses and calling it good, which meant I wore each one twice. (Just pretend you don’t see that mustard stain, will you?) If there are any professional vacation packing experts, please contact me. 

Have you ventured out on vacation yet? Tell me about your trip and what tips you have for me. Enjoy listening to our casual podcast chat this week! 







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