Sunny’s Favorite Things

Our dog, Sunny, might be the most spoiled out of all of us in the Holderness Family. With four doting people to love her, she is never at a shortage of attention and belly rubs. She’s going to be in for a rude awakening once the kids start back to school, although I know she will appreciate it once the fall temps start rolling in. Which reminds me, I should probably go ahead and order her own pumpkin spice latte since rumor has it that the PSL will be coming out on August 24 this year. 

Since Sunny is clearly the family favorite, she also receives an abnormally large share of the Amazon packages that arrive on our porch, so we put together a few of our favorite dog must-haves that are Sunny approved. 

All For Fun 

Mental Stimulation Game 

These mental stimulation games for dogs are a fun way to keep active minds occupied. Anytime Sunny sees this coming out she gets super excited. There are various levels of difficulty based on the dog’s age and ability level. We may or may not have timed our dog to see how her performance improves over time. 

White Paw Dog Squeaker 

Of course someone invented a dog toy called White Paw. Your dog definitely needs this for your next weekend grill out. Or why not bring a hostess gift to your friend’s dog the next time you get invited over for a cookout? You’ll be the favorite party guest. 

Snuggle Puppy 

This sweet snuggle puppy toy is great for new puppies to help them feel warm and secure. It comes with a heat pack and has a “real feel” heartbeat. It’s also great for older dogs who have separation anxiety or who enjoy a warm friend to cuddle with when their person is away.  Sunny still has hers (though hers has been well-loved) from when she was a puppy. 

Oh La La 

Lavender Spray 

We call this lavender spray our “dog deodorant.” A spray of this and a good hair brushing keeps her fur smelling fresh and clean in between baths and trips to the groomer. 

Tick Spray 

Our dog takes her normal tick and flea medication, but, especially in the summertime, we like to keep this tick and flea spray on hand anytime we are going out for an adventure for extra protection. It’s basically like bug spray for dogs – just spray some on your furry friend (I usually focus on the paws and legs) before you go on a hike, to the lake, and or any place where you will be walking around tall grasses or in the woods.  


Paw Soother

This organic paw smoother is great for dog paws that need a little TLC. Rub it on toe beans to soothe dry, cracked paws. The all-natural ingredients are safe for tongues that like to lick. 

Only the Essentials 

Silicone Can Lids 

I admit, our dog is a little bit spoiled. If your furry pal gets some of the good stuff from a can, these can lid covers are great for storing leftovers in the fridge. 

Poop Bags

Anyone with a dog needs a constant supply of poop bags. These Earth-friendly poop bags are made from recycled plant material and are 100% biodegradable. 

Portable Water Bottle

Especially during summers in the south, I like to bring a bottle of water with me to keep Sunny hydrated on our walks. This portable water bottle is convenient and easy – a water bottle and bowl all in one. It’s great for daily walks, longer hikes, and road trips. 

Do you have a spoiled pup at home? What are your favorite things to spoil them with?





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