The 10 Best Homes on TV

If there’s one thing a lot of my favorite TV shows have in common, it’s real estate envy. I don’t care how unrealistic these homes would be for their character’s age or income, one episode in and I’m trying to imagine how I could transform my (lovely) home into a modern downtown loft or Regency-era mansion. Oh to dream. 

Given the chance (and money), I would live in one of these 10 TV homes in a heartbeat:

  1. Clyvedon Castle, Bridgerton
    When I think of a house in the country, a sprawling manor isn’t exactly what comes to mind. But if the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) asked me to move in tomorrow, I’d be packed in minutes (sorry, Penn). Set on a sprawling piece of property, rooms of note include the elegant formal dining room and [clutches pearls] the library.
  2. Monica’s Apartment, Friends
    No apartment made me want to move to New York City more than Monica’s rent-stabilized West Village flat. With generously sized bedrooms (by NYC standards), a full eat-in kitchen, clawfoot tub and balcony, it was a fantasy, counterbalanced perfectly by Chandler and Joey’s less glamorous digs across the hall.
  3. The Banks Mansion, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    Who wouldn’t want the ultimate upgrade of moving into an elegant mansion in one of Los Angeles’ most pricey zip codes? I still dream about all the cooking and entertaining I could do in that massive kitchen. While in real life it’s actually in Brentwood, there’s nothing fake about the grand columns that greet you at the home’s entrance.
  4. The Bradys’ Mid-Century Split Level, The Brady Bunch
    If you’re a devotee of retro, ‘70s design, you can’t do much better than the home shared by Mike (Robert Reed) and Carol Brady (Florence Henderson) and their six children. All of the earthy stone, wood and brick elements with shades of orange, brown and olive made it so trendy and cool then and now. If only Alice came with it.
  5. Halliwell Manor, Charmed
    I would be happy to deal with all manner of supernatural evil for a chance to call this historic home my own. The Halliwell sisters were three lucky witches to live in this Victorian in San Francisco. The wooden ceiling beams and that carved staircase are timeless design details I’ll never get sick of.
  6. Downton Abbey, Downton Abbey
    I could get used to all the extra dusting in a house that size if it meant having a library with thousands of books or a grand drawing room to sip my tea (or wine) in after dinner. This grand country home is actually Highclere Castle and I, too, would probably lie about a dead body or two like Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) to save it from financial ruin.
  7. The Sheffield Mansion, The Nanny
    I can’t even begin to fathom what it would cost to rent, let alone buy, a pre-war NYC townhouse like the one accidental nanny Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) got to call home while minding the Sheffield children. That winding staircase was made for dramatic entrances and exits and the black and white tiled kitchen floor is so elegant. 
  8. The Tanner Victorian, Full House
    If there was ever a home to describe as having “good bones,” it’s probably the painted lady Victorian at the center of this family dramedy. It just seemed to grow bedrooms meaning there was always room for everyone. More than anything, it always had such a warm, welcoming vibe. I would want a bigger couch, though.
  9. The Klein Mansion, Big Little Lies
    Renata (Laura Dern) and Gordon Klein (Jeffrey Nordling) may not have had the most stable home life, but their abode was certainly a showstopper. That massive wall of windows in the main room is reason enough to take this modern masterpiece complete with infinity pool and breathtaking ocean views.
  10. The Beach House, Grace and Frankie
    Another waterfront gem is the immaculate beach house shared by besties and business partners Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin). This cedar-shingle-clad home is so light and breezy without being filled with tacky ocean-inspired decor. Can we say retirement goals?

Which home do you wish you could move into tomorrow? Share your dream real estate pick in the comments.