| Sep 2015

The reality of Fantasy Football.

We think this video sums it up… check it out, then read more.


Odds are you either smile ear-to-ear, or you cringe at that exclamation.
In our family, it’s one of each. Especially the NFL season, which brings with it Fantasy Football, which can lead to some occasional horrible parenting and husbanding. Below is his take on Fantasy Football, and hers.

He said:
I know. It turns me into an addict. And as someone who already has a bit of an addictive personality, I am worse than most. I sneak away for a minute to check my phone. I look at my scores when my kids are looking away, even if we are at a park. I am useless from 1PM-midnight every Sunday.
My only defense : This League keeps me in touch with my college buddies. We plan a yearly trip around it, they are my best friends and usually time and babies and relocating dissolves those relationships. The League keeps them together.

She said:
I strongly believe each individual in a couple should have his/her own hobbies and interests. You SHOULD go on guys trips, you SHOULD have a hobby that doesn’t revolve around our family — but do you need to check your phone 97,287 times every Sunday? Will the players score more points if you keep hitting refresh?
And let’s get this straight: it’s not just Sunday. It’s Thursday evenings, Monday evening, later in the season Saturday nights too.
Enjoy your time. I’m claiming a big ‘ol week away with my girlfriends in the spring.

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