| Mar 2020

The Same Fight We Always Have


I was talking to a friend recently and she said when her and her husband fight, they sometimes don’t talk for two to three days after. Penn and I, on the other hand, seem to return to “normal” only minutes after a blowout. As business partners who work all day together in our home, we really can’t go several days with no contact. However, sometimes I worry that we may be too quick to recover.

Cleaning Up the Aftermath

We have talked on the podcast before about fighting, but what about the aftermath? On this week’s podcast our marriage coach, Christopher Edmonston, describes recurring vs. episodic fights and how to stop one from turning into the other. Sometimes actually sitting down and looking at the bigger picture together can be extremely valuable. What’s going on in your life right now? High-stress events, like a child being sick or trouble at work, can cause fights that wouldn’t usually happen. And these are the times where the the last thing you need is a fight with your spouse. Step back and ask yourself, is this really a fight worth having right now? If not, it’s time to say let’s stop.

We also discuss my world record grudge holding while Penn only seems to get upset when it comes to tennis. (Middle-aged men and their recreation sports, amiright?) We’d love to know if you are the grudge holder or the forgiver in your relationship. (Or maybe you’re a double-grudge holding household?) Share with us on the podcast Facebook group.

PS. Don’t miss out on my husband PMSing again. (It doesn’t mean what you think it means.)

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