| Apr 2020

Will You Take the Three-Day Challenge?

It’s time to put down the Quarantini. 

Listen, friends. If this sudden, drastic change to your schedule has you feeling out of whack, you’re not alone. Welcome to this weird new world. Pull up a chair, we may be here a while. 

When I was in my 20s I exercised because I wanted a butt like Beyonce’s. In my 40s, I exercise because it’s like medicine for my frantic brain. I find ways to get moving every single day – it can be walking the dog or a hardcore strength workout. 

We created this three-day challenge to kickstart you into your new routine. Three days are attainable when a month long challenge can seem overwhelming. At the end of these three days I hope you find yourself craving the feeling of a finished workout and find ways to move every single day. 

These workouts are from our online course and wellness plan, Well Body Reset. You can do them all at home and they don’t require any additional equipment. Please warm up first, and listen to your body. Something hurts? Stop or modify. Please don’t hurt yourself. 

I want you to download these workouts, do them the next 3 days and tell me how you feel. On top of this, I want to suggest 3 tiny habit shifts that have helped me take control of my routine. 

  •  Stop snacking of your kid’s plates.
  • Drink 64 oz water. Every day. No excuses. 
  • Put your cell phone down two hours before bed.

Share how you are feeling on Facebook or Instagram and tag us at @theholdernessfamily.

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