Your Top 8 Costco Favorites

Is it just me or is it actually impossible to leave Costco without spending more than $200? I walk in optimistic with my list thinking I need some toilet paper, a giant container of blueberries, and 2 dozen eggs. Before you know it, my [huge] cart is filled to the brim with things I “need.” But can you really resist the 3-pack of ketchup for such a great price? I mean, everyone needs ketchup, right? And I probably also need 48 more AAA batteries, a new set of kitchen knives, and some pajamas. 

We asked everyone on our Costco video what your Costco favorites are, and you guys really came through on suggestions. Here’s a few popular items you shared as well as a few of our personal faves:


#1 Tiramisu from Italy

Apparently this tiramisu is ah-mazing and comes in cute little jars that you can reuse for juice glasses. This suggestion from a commenter was the most popular one. Adding this to my must-try list! 


#2 Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack

Okay, okay, I know this might not be everyone’s thing, but if you do like seaweed, you guys told us this is the kind to get. Now I’m really curious if there’s such a thing as non-organic seaweed? Are there seaweed farms? 


#3 Chicken Street Taco Kit 

This meal kit comes already prepped for dinner and gets rave reviews for being delicious. I am thinking this would be a perfect dinner option for nights you are too busy running the kids around to sports


#4 Kirkland Diapers 

We are obviously way beyond the diapering years at our house (hallelujah), but so many of you recommended the Kirkland brand of diapers that we wanted to pass the suggestion along. Finding diapers that work really well for a low price point is a major parenting victory. 


#5 Adult Ice Pops 

Having a frozen ice pop brings back so many memories of childhood summers. But what’s better than your favorite color (blue, of course) ice pop? A COCKTAIL ice pop! These refreshing ice pops are less than 100 calories and a perfect addition to your adult summer BBQ. 


#6 Kirkland Brand Household Products

Everything from dishwasher pods to paper towels, Kirkland brand does not disappoint. One of our kid’s science teachers even did a class experiment comparing Kirkland brand paper towels to name brands, and, you guessed it, Kirkland brand won out as most absorbent.  


#7 3-Panel LED Garage Lights 

These ultra bright LED garage lights are a man’s dream come true. They are super easy to install – just screw it in like a lightbulb. You won’t know how you ever managed before with regular light bulbs. If you need a gift for a guy in your life, I promise this will be a winner. 


#8 All Time Favorites 

You can’t leave Costco without at least one item from our All-Star list. These customer Costco favorites are staples: rotisserie chicken (I mean you can’t even buy one and cook it yourself for that cheap), giant sheet cakes (feed the whole neighborhood cake for less than $20), Kirkland bacon (never say no to bacon), alcohol (no explanation needed), and the ready to cook mac & cheese (perfect easy side item for a cookout). 

Many of you told us you love Costco for buying appliances and even for booking Disney cruises.  Is there anything you can’t get at Costco? Tell me your Costco favorites in the comments!

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