| Apr 2019

How to Build Lasting Trust in Relationships

Holderness Family Podcast

We have mentioned in previous podcast episodes that we’re working on a marriage book and trust will definitely have a chapter (or two). We all know trust plays a huge role in any relationship, but trust in marriage is another story. We all bring certain experiences to a relationship, and I share a story of a past relationship (with a serial cheating boyfriend) that made me very untrusting. On the podcast this week, we talk about some sources of mistrust. Financial infidelity or even a general lack of communication are a couple examples.

“At minimal, you have to have trust in yourself.”

– Kim

Penn chimes in with his view, including his 5 tips for how to build trust with your significant other.

  1. Build a track record in other relationships. Show you can be loyal and trustworthy in other relationships.
  2. Overcommunicate when you’re apart.
  3. Celebrate how bad of a liar you are. You’ll have to listen to the podcast for this explanation.
  4. Mention your significant other the minute you think someone is flirting with you. I test Penn’s conversational skills with a rapid fire test that he hits out of the park.
  5. You don’t have to tell your spouse everything. Penn gives an example to clarify this one. Clarity is a must for this tip.

Ready to build lasting trust in your relationships? Here’s how you can listen:

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