Wanting To Want It More

With most couples quarantining together in the last year, you would expect we’d see some sort of baby boom out of this pandemic. I mean, after all, that’s what happens with big winter snowstorms when people are locked in with nothing to do. (Amirite?) However, quite the opposite is turning out to be true. According to a leading British law firm there has been a 122% increase in enquiries for divorce. While everyone’s relationship is different, one thing is true. When things break down in the bedroom, they can also break down at the breakfast table.  Every relationship is different and there are a long list of reasons relationships break down.

Men and women can both experience dips in desire. This week we spoke with Cindy Eckert on the podcast about one of the possible reasons: Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder — also known as HSDD. Eckert is known for founding Sprout Pharmaceuticals, creator of what the media called “female Viagra.” She now runs The Pink Ceiling which invests in companies founded by, or delivering products for, women and she leads important conversations about women’s sexual health and desire. The low sexual desire is a medical condition and you should talk to your doctor about a diagnosis. Cindy explains that HSDD can be an imbalance of neurotransmitters that inhibit sexual desire and excitement may be out of balance.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

First of all, not everyone WANTS to be more active in the bedroom. And that’s fine. You do you. But if you want to WANT it more, it’s worth knowing all your options. In the podcast, we talked about how helpful therapy was for all areas of our marriage. And how helpful it was just to start the conversation about what we wanted out of this part of our marriage.

If you used to want ice cream (aka our code word for sexy time) more than you do now and you want to get back to that, you can take an assessment to check for HSDD. Treatment for HSDD won’t help your partner empty the dishwasher, but it will help you get back to having ice cream together. You can learn more about Cindy and her work by visiting her websites at thepinkceiling.com and iwanticecreamagain.com

Also, enjoy our podcast below. (It’s our first episode back in the studio in over a year!) 

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