We’re Happy All The Time…Not

On this week’s podcast we answered your burning questions from Instagram. It was a great mix of serious and silly. We discussed our favorite features of each other, what our kids think about our jobs, and how to deal with family and friends who are anti-mask.

However, in my opinion the best question we got asked was: “If a toy company made an action figure of you, what two accessories would you come with?” Funnily enough, Penn and I immediately knew the answer for the other person but not ourselves. I think Penn would come with a microphone and some hair gel. Penn thinks I would have a glass of rosé and some dancing shoes. I accept! 

Learning Something New 

The podcast was actually very eye-opening and I didn’t imagine I’d be learning something new about Penn today. When asked what he would do if we weren’t doing what we do now…he said he would be a doctor. Um, I’m sorry… what? This was shocking but his explanation of why made complete sense. And of course if you’ve read any of my other blogs, you know how much I love to cook and my desire to go to culinary school. Or own a farm and sell eggs at the local farmer’s market. Same same.

We also spoke about our work ethic and different ways of writing for our videos. It’s important to have a dedicated work space and to set boundaries on what hours you work. Finally, we ended with my favorite topic, how resilient our kids have been through this whole pandemic. If you want to hear our favorite adult beverage and Penn’s take on seasonal depression, take a listen for yourself:

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