What Our Vows Should Have Said

When we promised to love and cherish each other 16 years ago, we didn’t specifically promise to compromise and tolerate life’s everyday annoyances. I’m sure twenty-something Kim would have thought it was SUPER UNROMANTIC to make Penn promise to sleep in another room one night per week. And I’m sure twenty-something Penn never thought he’d be committing TV show infidelity by skipping ahead on a Netflix series. (That’s the worst, right?) This week on the podcast we explore what our marriage vows would look like if they were written today and they were unapologetically realistic to what we both need.

Til Death Do Us… Fart

It’s funny how your idea of marriage and love changes as you get older. (Like how emptying the dishwasher and folding laundry is what I find sexy now.) I’ve learned that marriage isn’t a magical bliss of happy ever after. It takes work. For us that means genuine care for each other, mutual respect, and a lot of laughter. How has your marriage changed since you said “I do” – tell me in the comments! Happy listening and enjoy our return to weekly episodes!

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