What To Do With Your Leftover Turkey 

If you know us, you know that Penn loves everything about Thanksgiving. We love to host a big crowd, and we usually cook at least a couple of turkeys. However, my favorite part is all the side dishes. Like most families, we have our go-to traditions that we make every year. We have some unique (I think?) ones like the Saltine Oyster Casserole that Penn’s family always made or the Granny Smith Stuffing that I learned from my family. 

Do you know what, in my opinion, is equally as good as the Thanksgiving day meal? The leftovers. Maybe it’s because all of the cooking and dishes are all behind you or maybe the food really does taste better after sitting around for a bit, but whatever the reason, that leftover plate of food is just divine. 

One year we seemed to have an usually large amount of leftover turkey. I hate wasting food, so I found a few good ways to turn that leftover turkey into some easy meals other than the obvious turkey sandwich. 

Here are a few of my favorite recipes for leftover turkey if you find yourself wanting to mix up your Thanksgiving extras this weekend: 

Dad’s Leftover Turkey Pot Pie – pot pie is a comfort food for me, and this recipe is simple and delicious. This particular recipe makes two pies, so you can eat one now and freeze one for later. Or have one for you and give one to a neighbor! 

Southwestern Turkey Soup – I love a good soup this time of year. This recipe is packed with flavor and is a nice change from all of the heavy meals of Thanksgiving day. You can adjust the cayenne pepper as needed for your personal taste. 

Turkey Fried Rice – Our whole family enjoys a good fried rice dish. The beauty of this dish is that it only takes about 15 minutes to make from start to finish, and it all cooks in only one pan. When you are worn out from making your big meal, this is definitely a winner for an easy follow-up meal. 

Turkey Alfredo Pizza – Shake up your regular pizza night with this turkey version. I especially like that it has spinach, because somehow kids seem to eat those greens a bit easier when they are part of a slice of pizza. All of these ingredients are items you can easily keep on hand, so even if you freeze your leftover turkey, you can pull it out for this recipe when you need a quick dinner solution. 

Baked Turkey and Cranberry Sliders – If you like those classic ham and swiss slider sandwiches, then give this one a try for your leftover turkey. This is an especially great way to feed a crowd if you still have family or friends visiting in the days following the main meal. Also, this one is a hit for everyone who thinks cranberry sauce is the star of the show – you know who you are. 

Turkey Potato Chowder – You already know I love soup. This recipe is a thicker chowder compared to the other soup listed above. This recipe could easily be doubled if you are feeding a large group. I suggest shredded cheese and chopped bacon for toppings and a slice of warm bread on the side. 

What do you do with your leftover turkey? I’d love to know your favorite recipes!