When Your Car Is A Literal Dumpster

It’s true, I’m more productive in a tidy house. We have chore charts and cleaning schedules to keep this place in check. But every ounce of tidiness leaves my body when I enter my car. I am not a great car organizer.

Chances are, if you open the door of my car dirty laundry or expired food will fall out. Here are actual things I’ve found in my car this week:

  • Four dirty plates with half-eaten breakfasts from a week’s worth of breakfasts on the go from the boy child
  • Three dirty socks (where is the fourth? Who knows)
  • A spatula (I think I used it to scrap ice. I think.)
  • Six unopened holiday cards sent from dear friends

I have no idea why I care so much about a tidy house, but all standards evaporate inside my car. It’s so bad that my thoughtful, caring husband gifted me a CAR TRASH CAN for Christmas. I wanted to be offended. I mean, seriously, who gives A TRASH CAN for Christmas? But if it’s obvious to my ADHD husband that I need assistance, then it must be bad. 

While I’ll never be someone who doesn’t have to apologize when you get into my car, I could improve. So here are some things I’m putting in place to help keep this ol’ girl looking respectable. 

Be A Car Organizer

I reached out to my friends to ask them what car accessories they couldn’t live without. Here are 11 items that you may need to grab for your vehicle this year.

  1. Car Trash Can

Might as well start with the culprit. Honestly, I’m shocked I didn’t think of this before. I will now be training my kids to drop those random papers and napkins into this thing rather than my car floor.

  1. Car Cleaning Gel

This cleaning gel is great for cars and electronics for hard-to-reach spots. It looks like flubber and is, sort of, fun to use. 

  1. Cup Holder Expander

Does anyone else think the water bottles are getting bigger and the cup holders are getting smaller? The most popular Yeti cups and larger water bottles don’t fit inside a regular cup holder, so this expander is the perfect option for those who love to stay hydrated. (Or drink a lot of coffee. No judgment.)

  1. Roadside Emergency Kit

With jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a safety hammer, this kit has everything you need if an emergency were to happen. This kit has thousands of 5-star reviews.

  1. Passenger Seat Car Tray

Okay, this is kind of genius. Turn your car into a mobile office with this tray that anchors into your passenger seat. Perfect for keeping things level when you are traveling with important items like pizza or casseroles.

  1. WeatherTech Mats

Everyone’s favorite Midwest neighbor sent me this. Even if you don’t live in a climate with snow, weather tech mats are great to keep your car floor tidy. They are easy to wipe and vacuum, especially if you have kids. WeatherTech also makes removable coasters for your cup holders.

  1. Snow Brush and Scraper Set

Most people use a snow scraper, but Midwest neighbor swears by a good extendable snow brush. I mean, it has a 360-degree pivoting brush head!

  1. Portable Jumper Station

With 1000 peak battery amps, this power station can jump-start your car, quickly inflate tires, and recharge pretty much anything.

  1. Car Charger

This retractable car charger comes in 3 styles, whether you want lightning or type C cables. Need more options? This 3-in-1 multi-charger has a micro cable as well.

  1. Rain-X Glass Cleaner

A streak-free clean while repelling rain and preventing snow spray build up? It’s a must have!

  1. Goodr Sunglasses

Keeping an extra pair of sunglasses in the car is a necessity in our family. Especially Penn who tends to lose things every once in a while. These are a fun and stylish alternative to high-end shades.

Anything we missed to be a better car organizer? The cup holder expander is already in my shopping cart.