I’m Pretending it’s Fall

There’s a dead tree in our backyard. (Stick with me here). 

The leaves are starting to die and fall from the branches. So while we’re in the middle of an intense heat wave, I stare at that tree and watch the dead leaves catch the wind and I try to pretend it’s Fall. 

It’s September. I’ve survived another summer and I’m owed some Autumn. Kids are in school, the Spirit Halloween store is opening, yes, it feels like we are living on the surface of the sun but I need a new season. Listen, there are Christmas trees at Costco right now. If they can have Christmas, I can have Fall. Right?

Here are my favorites right now:

1. The Rory Gilmore Sweater

If you know me, you know I love me some Gilmore Girls. The fast-talking, the coffee shop, the beautiful small town backdrop. But there is something to be said for the fashion. Recently, Rory Gilmore’s cable-knit sweater has gone viral on TikTok. And for good reason, it is really really cute.

2. Gilmore Girls Marathon (AGAIN)

When we were deep in the pandemic, Lola and I would spend hours watching Gilmore Girls. I don’t actually know how many times we’ve watched it from front to back, but it’s been several times. It’s like a visual anxiety blanket.  I could probably watch it any time of year, but it feels so cozy this time of year. 

3. Getting Cozy in the Kitchen

The start of Fall almost feels like a mini New Years where I can try some new things. I love having a set of cookbooks on my kitchen counter to pick up and see if there is a new recipe to try. I’m excited for the launch of this book featuring recipes of José Andrés and his celebrity friends to benefit his nonprofit World Central Kitchen, which works to feed people impacted by natural disasters and humanitarian crises.  All the author proceeds benefit WCK’s emergency response efforts. 

4. A Rom-Com Worthy Soft Scarf

When I put on a scarf, I feel like I’m in an 80’s romcom about to drink hot chocolate after a day on the ice rink. It transports me to a world where I’m a carefree small town girl out on her daily walk to the local bakery. I’m in my own Hallmark movie. I love a scarf.

5. “willow” by Taylor Swift on repeat

Okay, almost any song off Taylor’s folklore or evermore album would fall into this category but this one makes me want to braid my hair and frolic through a forest.

6. Making Smores (even if it’s 95 degrees)

The fire pit in our backyard is one of my favorite places to spend time with my family after a long day. I grab some graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows at the grocery store so we can make some s’mores with our special roasting sticks. Then I enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature and my family fighting over who has the most perfectly roasted marshmallow. 

7. Perfect Pumpkin Pillows

I’m not the kind of person to decorate my house for every single holiday but I do love to pull a few things out to add cheer. Some of my favorites are a festive throw blanket, pampas grass, scented candles, and these super adorable kitchen mats. But #1 on my list this year are these knit pumpkin pillows. I can’t wait to cuddle up with this on the couch!

8. Flannel Shackets

These took the world by storm last year and I’m still a fan. Staying warm AND looking stylish. Yes, please. Of course, it’s still 95 degrees here in North Carolina so I can probably keep these in the closet a few more weeks, but having it just makes me feel better. 

9. Maple Pumpkin Butter 

Slap this Maple Pumpkin Butter on a biscuit and WHEW! It’s like Fall in your face. I’ve packed a basket of goodies for a hostess gift in the past and this became one of her family’s new favorites. 

10. Pumpkin Spice Protein Powder

I know we’ve done approximately 1,000 videos about my love of pumpkin spice. Listen, I do like it but I don’t cover EVERYTHING in pumpkin starting in September. That being said, I love a smoothie and this brand is one of my absolute favorites. The pumpkin spice is new and oh-so yummy. 

So yes, it’s 1000 degrees outside but I’ll be sitting here eating my maply pumpkin butter biscuit and fervently waiting for the leaves to arrive. Share with me what most reminds you of Fall in the comments.