Which Youth Sports Parent Are You?

If you’ve stumbled upon this quiz, you probably have a kid (or two) who plays a sport. Whether you just enrolled your kiddo in pee wee soccer or have spent every weekend for the last several years at tennis tournaments all over the state, you are a Youth Sports Parent! Take the quiz below to find out just how serious your athletic participation goes. Whichever answer you find yourself picking the most, determines your youth sports parent archetype.

Have fun… and play ball!

Your Youth Sports Parenting Style

1. Your daughter Sarah just turned 5! Being a parent is hard, how are you spending this upcoming Saturday?

A. Probably just heading to the park for kite flying and kicking a ball around.
B. You decided to pay the fee for pee wee soccer. You love watching Sarah kick the ball but mostly you find joy when she gets distracted by dandelions.
C. Sarah’s soccer team is actually pretty good and honestly…she might be pretty talented but no need to get serious at this point. 
D. Sarah is on a travel team and you will be waking up early to take them to a tournament.
E. Sarah plays two different sports and you will be shuttling them around all day to different courts and fields. Extra shot of espresso for you!

2. You’re packing the car for little Jimmy’s first baseball game of the season. What is the most important essential to bring?

A. Jimmy’s uniform! It’s so cute because the kids named the team themselves.
B. Folding chair – gotta be comfy while watching your kiddo have fun!
C. Water, Gatorade, and oranges to make sure Jimmy stays hydrated between innings.
D. Sun tent, fan, and extra phone charger since it’s going to be a long, long day.
E. Printed out stats for Jimmy’s team and their opponents. Jimmy’s at bats are definitely improving.

3. Which set of vocabulary words do you find yourself saying the most these days?

A. Soccer ball, basketball, tennis racket.
B. Uniform, sneakers, helmet, and orange slices.
C. Recreation league, tournament, and team group chat.
D. Foam roller, massage gun, hydration, and recovery time.
E. Private coach, color-coded schedule, and weight training plan.

4. If I hacked your most recent Google search…what would I find?

A. “What sport is the most fun and laidback for young kids?”
“Are tennis sign-ups still open if the season starts tomorrow?”
C. “Bicycle kick tutorial for kids”
D. “Is it bad that my self-worth might be tied to my child’s success?”
E. “Private soccer lessons near me”

5. Amazon just dropped a box on your doorstep…what’s inside?

A. Self-care supplies. The weekends are for relaxing.
B. Cheap cleats. No need to break the budget for a growing kid in rec league.
C. Orange cones. It’s pretty awesome that your kiddo wants to practice his passes at home in his free time.
D. Infrared sauna blanket. Apparently, it’s all the rage is muscle recovery.
E. Planner, markers for color coding, and sticky notes. You’ve got 3 kids in 7 sports and it’s getting a little overwhelming.

See your results under the video…

Your Results

If you answered mostly A…hello Innocent Inez! My guess is that your kids are young or you don’t believe life is all about sports. You’ll sign up your kiddos for a rec league when you are ready but right now you enjoy having your weekends to yourself.

If you answered mostly B…hi Fun Time Frank. You don’t mind spending a few hours on Saturday in your fold-out chair watching your little ones kick a ball around. It’s good for kids to learn about teamwork at an early age.

If you answered mostly C…hi there Curious Carly! Holy moly, your kid has found a sport they are pretty good at! Your judgment is definitely not clouded because it’s your kid. I bet you have a web search saved on your phone for travel team tryouts right now.

If you answered mostly D…hiya Overwhelmed Olivia. Let me guess, you’ve had to miss work or take a half day to take one of your kids to a sports game. Your hallway is littered with sneakers. Your sink is filled with water bottles. Your life is youth sports and you would like a break, please.

If you answered mostly E…good day Tournament Tony. You are taking this quiz from the sidelines of a 3-day state-wide competition right now. You eat, sleep, and breathe your kid’s sports schedule. You have seriously considered if this is a life path for them and what kind of college scholarships may be available. Take a deep breath. It will all be over soon. I hope.

Did we get your style right? Let us know in the comments!