My 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… why does it feel like guys are hard to shop for? Each year I try to find unique gifts for Penn that I know he will love and use. (I totally scored last year with this massage gun that he still uses almost daily after playing tennis.) This year, I split the gift guide into three sections: tech gifts, sporty gifts, and nerdy ones.

Hopefully, there’s something in here that the men in your life will love. Also, I may have told Penn I got these presents to test out and take photos, but really most will be wrapped under the tree (Shhhh!) 

Tech Is Best

Smart Plugs

Though smart plugs are especially popular for the holiday season to control your Christmas lights on command. Our family loves being able to ask Alexa to turn off the electronics in our living room for a movie or before bed. Plus, you can group outlets and set Away modes when you leave the house for the weekend.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

With two kids, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our car’s backseat is regularly covered in food crumbs and sports-related debris. This vacuum cleaner is high-powered and small enough to store away under the seat. Perfect for the guy who likes his car clean. 

Apple Watch Ultra

If a traditional smart watch feels too fancy, check out the most rugged  Apple Watch ever, designed for exploration, adventure, and endurance with a battery life of up to 36 hours. (Which is great because Penn always forgets to charge his.) 

Smart Meat Thermometer

Created by a small business, this wire-free meat thermometer pairs with your smartphone with a range of up to 165 ft. Perfect for the guy who loves to grill. (Plus you can supporting small businesses is always a win-win!) 

Portable Charger

It should be no shock that Penn frequently finds himself out and about with a phone under 20% battery. This is probably a common occurrence in your own life you know someone with ADHD. This portable charger was an easy “Add To Cart” for my hubby. (As a bonus, you can also get this fast charging brick for iPhone which can charge your phone battery 50% in about 35 minutes.) 

Wireless Audio Transmitter

Penn bought the AirFly Pro for our latest cross-country flight and LOVED them. If you have the latest iPhone or AirPods you probably don’t have headphones with a jack. This device lets you connect to any audio jack and audio share with up to two wireless headphones. 

LED Garage Lights

As we get older well-lit spaces become even more important. These LED lights are incredible, especially for a garage or basement. (I’ve never seen so much power come out of such little devices.) They are perfect for lighting a garage, workshop, or otherwise dim spaces.

Portable Tire Pump

Penn doesn’t always remember to make the extra stop to put air in his tires (let alone have quarters to use the air machine.) When I saw this, I seriously had no idea they made personal air pumps strong enough to fill a car tire! Well, this thing is a beast and well worth it. 

Cell Phone Stand

For those in your life who use their phone constantly as a speaker or secondary tv (ahem, Fantasy Football.) This is a perfect gift. The device stand can be angled for a perfect view wherever you set it up. It also helps you neck from constantly looking down. 

Nerd Alert

Smartphone Telescope

For the wildlife enthusiast in your life, this smartphone telescope is a really fun toy. It aligns perfectly with your smartphone and magnifies 12x times. Penn is on the lookout for a yellow-bellied sapsucker.

Smartphone Paper Airplane Kit

For the hobbyist on your list (or the Dad who really is just a big kid at heart) take the fun of racing paper airplanes to the next level with this airplane kit that pairs with your smartphone.

Currently Adulting T-Shirt 

If you’re looking for a funny t-shirt, our new Currently Adulting tee is made of super soft material, perfect for all those adulting activities like grocery shopping, doing taxes, or running to carpool. 

Headlamp Beanie

Let’s face it, Penn is nerdy enough to enthusiastically rock this. This beanie hat with a built-in headlamp and headphones is a no-brainer for the exercise enthusiast as we head into the winter months. (In retrospect, I fear I may get blinded by this in the near future.)

Dad Joke Button

Stacked with over 50 Dad Jokes, this button is a must for the one and only Penn Holderness. Do you have a family member with a kid on the way? I think this is the way to go with the stocking stuffer this year.

Pluto T-Shirt

Another funny t-shirt idea is one of Penn’s favorite t-shirts about Pluto. Perfect for the guy on your list who loves space, science, and is old enough to remember when Pluto was a planet. 

Go Sports!

Weighted Workout Vest

For the guy who likes to work out and is looking to take it to the next level, add some extra resistance with this weighted vest.

Portable Cooler Bag

If your husband likes to head over to the neighbors’ backyard for a few drinks, this lightweight slim iceless cooler is just what you need. It keeps drinks cold for 5 hours – no ice required!

Golf Practice Net

Before spending the big bucks for a day on the course, gift your guy a golf chipping practice net to get their swing and accuracy down. It’s foldable so his new hobby doesn’t take up the whole garage.

Shiatsu Back Massager

This back massager, combined with the foot massager below, has been a God-send for my tennis-loving man. Penn loves to play tennis like he’s trying out for the college team. Unfortunately, his body is not in college. These live right next to our couch at all times.

Foot Massager

Our whole family loves this heated foot massager that is great for post-workout relief. It’s also great for those with varicose veins or who struggle with blood circulation.

Foldable Electric Bike 

If your guy is getting older or just wants to zip around town to places nearby, check out this electric bike. Bonus: It is foldable for easy and convenient storage. Great for living in the city with minimal storage! 

Pickleball Paddles

Welcome to 2022 where we are currently obsessed with everything pickleball. Ready to dive into the sport of the future? Grab this affordable paddle set and get your butt to the court. Stay out of the kitchen!

Pickleball Bag

Have you figured out the theme yet? I got Penn this gift early and he already filled it with all his pickleball gear. Luckily he has his Pickleball Y’all tee to match!

Pickleball Net Set

If you are ready to fully commit to the game of pickleball, we’ve got the full set for you! Four paddles, four balls, a 22 foot net, and huge bag to carry it all in.

What’s at the top of your list for the men in your life? Share in the comments and be sure to check out our other gift guides this year!

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