You Know What Should Come Back… 

Recently, I was trying to make plans with a group of friends and it seemed nearly impossible. It takes so long nowadays for all of us to find a time, day, or month, that works for everyone. I miss the days when things were simpler. Like the standing social event of walking around the mall on a Friday night. You couldn’t text anyone to say you were there, or call someone to find a store to meet up at. You just had to show up.

You did laps around the concourse and got to enjoy the surprise and delight of seeing people you knew. I miss the serendipity of walking into a Claire’s and randomly seeing one of your best friends or your crush. 

Don’t you wish something like this would come back?

Blockbuster, Perms, & Whatchamacallit 

This week, Penn and I decided to avoid my anxiety and make Top 5 lists. We went on a journey of nostalgia and deep conversations around what 5 things that should come back and what 5 things should never come back. (I also got to hear some fun stories about Penn’s fake middle school girlfriend and his first kiss.) 

In the past when I was feeling anxious, we would bring in an expert on the podcast for tips on how to calm my mind or understand why I am feeling the way I am. While we did this topic as a distraction, I have to say it made me feel so much better. (Some recent studies suggest that nostalgia can make us happier and more resilient during times of stress – who knew?)  

Please tell us if you enjoy this podcast and tell us what our next Top 5 should be about! (We’d love to hear your lists too.) Happy listening. 

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