10 New Hobbies for Quarantine

Almost everyday I come across someone talking about the new hobbies and projects they are completing with all their quarantine free time. Home improvement updates, massive closet clean outs, and Pinterest-worthy crafts paired with beautiful before and after photos on Instagram. They remind me of my own failed quarantine aspirations. I was going to rework my home office, clean out the linen closet, and catch up on interesting books and podcasts. 

In short, I was going to do all the things. 

Back to Reality 

Here’s the thing. I learned very quickly that getting out of bed and putting on different clothes than the ones I slept in was a HUGE WIN. Even something as simple as showering for the day made me want to high-five myself. So 30 years from now, when my grandkids ask me what sort of hobbies I had during the Quarantimes… here is the list I am going to tell them:

  1. Daily exercise in the form of making Lola teach me new TikTok dances.
  1. Getting creative in the kitchen, like seeing how many foods I can make into a waffle
  1. Participating in arts & crafts by watching others do them on Twitch… I spent an hour watching a friend make tiny furniture and found it oddly very soothing. 
  1. Practicing conflict resolution techniques when my kids fight while playing Settlers of Catan.
  1. Incorporating functional exercise by squatting to pick up an endless amount of Band-Aid wrappers… which makes me question how frequently we are injuring ourselves.
  1. Clocking extra training as an IT professional while I troubleshoot Zoom connectivity
  1. Conducting social experiments like how long I can leave dishes in the sink before someone else (besides me) does them. (PS. The results were staggering.) 
  1. Being more energy conscious by creating as little laundry as possible.
  1. Focusing on the culinary arts by seeing what wines pair best with stale snacks.
  1. Finding new and creative ways to justify household chores as educational. 

All jokes aside, if you have a new hobby or routine that is working for you while social distancing please share. I would love any and all tips and tricks you have. If you’re just happy to have put on pants and gotten through the day, I say you’re winning.

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