100 Things to Do While Waiting For Election Results

The act of making a list helps ease my anxious mind. Let’s be honest, on any normal day my lists even have lists. But today is no normal day. So I’ve made a list of 100 things to do while waiting for election results tonight. (Or all this week… ) 

  1. Read a book
  2. Read two books
  3. Start on the novel you’ve been putting off
  4. Finally start journaling
  5. Write down what you’re grateful for
  6. Write down every emotion you’ve ever had about this election
  7. Do push-ups
  8. Watch The Rock do push-ups instead
  9. Try a new workout video
  10. Go for a run
  11. Run a half-marathon
  12. Learn how to knit
  13. Knit a weighted blanket to help with your anxiety
  14. Tend to your garden
  15. Buy some plants
  16. Turn your home into a greenhouse
  17. Start a Facebook group for plant enthusiasts
  18. See your aunts fighting and delete your Facebook app
  19. Take a drawing class
  20. Draw a self-portrait
  21. Throw paint at a wall
  22. Go for a walk with your partner
  23. Keep walking until all the ballots have been counted
  24. Have a dance party to Missy Elliot songs
  25. Watch the singing episode of Grey’s Anatomy
  26. Watch an episode of Veep and then realize it hits too close to home
  27. Scrapbook your year
  28. Realize you didn’t go anywhere in 2020 so you have nothing to scrapbook
  29. Try your hand at woodworking
  30. Build a stool
  31. Realize you’re not good at woodworking
  32. Build a bunker….hahahahahaha just kidding!
  33. Try playing that new game Among Us
  34. Get addicted to Among Us
  35. Realize you are playing with a bunch of kids on a game app and delete the app
  36. Learn to play guitar
  37. Learn to play drums
  38. Apologize to neighbors for playing the drums
  39. Learn to sing
  40. Start a one-man band now that you can play all parts
  41. Watch funny cat YouTube videos
  42. Watch funny dog YouTube videos
  43. Watch funny bird YouTube videos
  44. Stumble on election videos and delete your YouTube app
  45. Learn to bake
  46. Bake a cake
  47. Ice the cake
  48. Eat the whole cake in one sitting
  49. Work on a jigsaw puzzle
  50. Abandon the puzzle after 20 minutes
  51. Play solitaire
  52. Buy cute solitaire cards on Etsy
  53. Stumble on tarot cards on Etsy
  54. Google tarot cards
  55. Realize you really don’t want to see into the future and abandon cart
  56. Learn how to make your own beer
  57. Realize it won’t be done before election results come in…or maybe it will?
  58. Learn to make sourdough bread
  59. Buy a sourdough starter
  60. Name your sourdough starter Derek
  61. Feed your sourdough starter
  62. Smell a weird odor in your house
  63. Realize you forgot about Derek and he went bad
  64. Resign yourself to watching silly kids movies
  65. Watch Shrek
  66. Realize Shrek is actually a pretty good movie
  67. Read long form blog posts about how Shrek is actually a good movie
  68. Start a second Twitter account for your 280-character thoughts on Shrek
  69. Twitter starts suggesting election tweets and delete your Twitter app
  70. Mow the grass
  71. Realize that won’t take long so cut grass by hand with scissors
  72. Learn TikTok dances
  73. Follow young and inspiring people on TikTok
  74. Remember that TikTok is tied to the election and delete the app
  75. Take a bath
  76. Try not to look at your phone while you relax in the bath
  77. Drop your phone in the bath
  78. Run out to get rice
  79. Put your phone in rice
  80. See if your phone turns on
  81. Go to reorganize apps on your phone
  82. Realize you deleted all your apps
  83. Promise yourself you won’t look at your phone anymore
  84. Put your phone on the table
  85. Put your phone in a different room
  86. Lock your phone in a safe
  87. Sit outside and enjoy the breeze
  88. Count all the leaves in the trees
  89. Learn bird calls
  90. Practice bird calls
  91. Get weird looks from your neighbors
  92. Take 5 deep breaths
  93. Take 10 deep breaths
  94. Take 20 deep breaths
  95. Learn a yoga pose
  96. Learn another yoga pose
  97. Learn a third yoga post
  98. Realize yoga is not for you
  99. Make a drink
  100. Drink until the results come in

If none of these activities sound fun, you can always stress cook or bake with some of my favorite recipes like Anxiety Soup, Totchos, or Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies (I seriously don’t trust myself around those cookies.) How are you passing the time today?