| Dec 2016

Merry Christmas! Celebrating what went right.

This year was hard. That seems to be the consensus across the internet right now.

Slate asked “Is this the worst year in history?” So did Newsweek. It’s hard not to agree. Just watch the news for 5 seconds – you will get bummed out. For our family, I was really affected by the death of Mohammad Ali. Kim was floored when she heardPrince died. Closer to home, I lost my mentor from my former career in the news business. Kim and I met in Orlando, and we shed many tears when we heard what happened at the Pulse nightclub many of our close friends frequented. Politics created friction among friends and family (which is why we invented the “Couch rule”)

But on Christmas time, my parents had this thing they did every year. They wrote a letter to all their friends telling them all the blessings they had received. They did this during good and bad years – I remember one year in the 80s when my dad lost his father – he still wrote something that made everyone smile. So, anyway, we did that this year too. We sat down as a family and talked about our many blessings, and all the cool stuff we learned at school, and from our friends, and from, well, theinternet, and we put it into a song. We hope you enjoy, and we hope you share your blessings with us as well!

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