16 Easter Basket Ideas

Here’s the thing you need to know about me as a mom: My kids will be getting Easter baskets as long as I’m on this side of the dirt. They will be in their 50s and I will be making sure that bunny ships them entire baskets with little gifts and candy. We talked about traveling over Easter this year and the first question out of their mouths was, “But what about our Easter baskets?”

My kids love sweet treats but they both still have Halloween candy rotting in their rooms so we don’t put a lot of sugar in their baskets. For the record, I’m not opposed to candy. My kids just forget it’s there and I will be the one eating it.  

So I’ll be working with the Easter Bunny to make sure some of these Easter basket ideas make their way into their hands this year.

Our Favorite Easter Basket Ideas

1. Easter Squishmallow

My children are in their teens but, my daughter especially loves a squishmallow. I’m not sure what’s all the fuss but apparently, it’s their generation’s Beanie Baby.

2. Friendship Bracelet Kit

Lola hosted some friends recently and they sat at the table for hours talking and making bracelets. I was told this kit (with glass beads) was a winner. 

3. What The Flock

Everyone loves a family game so why not get the newest from yours truly. P.S. Our teens LOVE this game and we’re so proud of it. (And it’s 20% off for this week only!)

4. Color-Changing pH Lip Balm

This lip balm is the coolest. It appears purple but your own body chemistry determines the perfect pink result after application. (I may have bought one for myself as well). 

5. Instamatic Camera

Lola asked for an actual camera for Christmas this year. Kids these days want more than the camera on their phone. Then it occurred to her she had to…gulp…print them to save them. Here’s the perfect solution

6. Portable Speaker

Remember we had “boom boxes” in our bedrooms? Now our kids have these tiny portable speakers. And it’s waterproof so perfect for upcoming pool and beach days.  This is probably one of my better Easter basket ideas!

7. Stress Relief Slime Eggs

Being a teen today is stressful. Both of my kids use fidget toys or stress balls while studying or needing to focus. This seems like the perfect addition to the Easter basket this year. If you like these slime eggs you may also like this kinetic sand toy or these squishy bunnies

8. 3D Printing Pen

This thing is just so cool. The possibilities are endless. That’s it, add to cart. 

9. Passback Football

We got this for our son for Christmas and he’s obsessed. He throws it against the side of the house or even his bedroom wall. There is a constant :thud: sound but he’s having fun and is off a screen. 

10. “Silent” Basketball

Our son saved and bought one of these from an official site but it never quite took a round shape. (They ship in a vacuum-sealed pouch and inflate when you open it.) I bought this slightly cheaper version off Amazon and it’s been great. It’s foam-like so there isn’t the hard :thud: of the basketball on the floors. He is constantly dribbling this through the house and I feel like it’s helping him develop as a player. 

11. Stanley or Owala Water Bottles

Here’s the deal, I don’t want to be one of those people who only buys trendy water bottles, but these are pretty great. They come in so many different colors, and with a cool water bottle I know my kids are staying hydrated throughout the day.

12. Makeup Brushes

If you also have a kid who loves experimenting with makeup and trying different brands, you know that having extra brushes around is a life-saver.  

13. Retro Sunglasses

My kids have inherited my love for sunglasses in addition to my talent for losing them. It’s why you’ll never see me in an expensive pair. While you’re getting the retro ones for the kids, add these aviators to the cart for yourself. So stylish with no prongs that get stuck in your hair. 

14. Mad Libs

Easter baskets are hard to fill! Mad Libs is a perfect addition AND fun for the whole family (aka I steal it all the time… who doesn’t love Mad Libs?!)

15. Toiletries Case

The days of Ziploc bags are long behind you. Grab a stylish toiletries case for your kid and ensure a mess-free vacation in the future. But no promises!

16. Easter Earrings

No such thing as too many earrings! Here’s an affordable grab to add some sparkle to the basket. So fun to wear on Easter and throughout the spring! 

What Easter basket ideas do you have for your kids? Tell me if I missed anything in the comments.