Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Friendly P.S.A: Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Listen, I’m the first to say, “Just get me a nice card” but let’s face it, I like to feel appreciated. I’m not an alien. I love when I mention something in the year or, perhaps, they notice something I may like and then it’s all wrapped up for Mother’s Day.   

We are big fans of gifting (and receiving) family experiences in lieu of just buying something for the sake of a gift. If the mom you are buying for loves quality time together, then tickets to a local event, theater, zoo, or museum is a great way to get the family together for a day of fun. But PLEASE –  don’t let mom plan any of the details – that’s the beauty of this gift. 

I’m an “Acts of Service” kind of mom. One year Penn made brunch reservations for me and some friends while he stayed home and cleaned and had my car detailed. If the mom in your life is the same way, set up a bubble bath for her while you do the extras like vacuuming out the couches and cleaning the blinds. Some may roll their eyes at this “gift” but it was honestly one of my favorites. 

But I won’t lie, I love a thoughtful little “something” occasionally too. 

If you are looking for a gift to wrap up and give to mom, here are a few ideas we love:

1. Stanley water bottle: This is the hot, must-have water bottle everyone is loving right now. It’s hard to come by, so if you see one snag it for her and she will wonder how you worked your magic! 

2. Massager: We know it’s hard to get away for a massage, so bring the massage right to mom and see her stress melt away. 

3. Shower steamers: These aromatherapy shower steamers help turn a shower into a spa-like experience for a busy mom.

4. Manicure Set: I don’t do well sitting for a long time to get a manicure at a salon so I like this at-home option. This all-in-one manicure set will keep mom’s nails looking fun and fresh all season long. 

5. Beach bag: I mean, can a mom ever have too many bags? The answer is no. 

6. Skinny stacking bracelets: These gorgeous, personalized bracelets will be an instant treasure for mom. 

7. Personalized tea towel: For a really sweet touch, this personalized tea towel is made with an image of your family’s favorite handwritten recipe. 

8. Custom garden sign: For the mom who enjoys a garden, this custom garden sign will be just the addition she needs. 

9. Bath tray: This tray can hold all of the relaxing bath essentials including books, candles, and wine. 

10. Mom sweatshirt: This sweatshirt would be especially adorable for a new mom. 

11. Portable rocking chair with sun shade: For a mom with older kids who spends most of her time on a sporting field, this chair will elevate her sideline style. These have saved us during marathon tennis matches. 

12. Bird feeder: A new bird feeder for the mom who likes to watch the birds. Don’t forget to stock it with the bird seed!

13. Make up mirror: This make-up mirror with lights and magnification. I feel like this is the special sort of thing a mom would love but she never gets around to buying for herself. 

14. Spring bag: Like we said before, there can never be too many bags. We love that this one is stylish, roomy enough for all the things, and a hands-free backpack style. 

15. Cleansing balm: This melt-away cleansing balm for some mom self-care. 

16. Sunglasses: Some new summer sunnies for the fashionista mom. 

17. Sun hat: I love a good hat. This is my new fave for summer. 

18. Dolly Parton’s new book: I love everything Dolly Parton, so this is on our must-read list! Gift it to mom with a promise of some down time for her to read. 

19. Towel warmer: Bring some spa luxury right into your home with her very own towel warmer. 

20. “I Love That You’re My Mom” book: My kids filled these books out for me one year, and they are one of my most treasured items. 

21. Silk pajama set: These are a splurge, but if you are looking for some luxurious pajamas for mom then look no further. 

22. Mom’s new best friend: Okay. Hear me out. I normally scoff at cleaning items for gifts but my girlfriend got this last year and she claims it’s her favorite gift of all time. 

23. Roller skates: Lola got a pair of rollerblades for Christmas and I’m insanely jealous. I’m thinking these are in my future. For the adventurous mom who is determined to stay young and free forever, these retro skates will make her feel like a kid again. 

24. This new blanket: Give mom this new blanket and tell her to go take a nap. 

25. Coffee mug: Make her morning coffee even better with this sweet reminder. 


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