| Apr 2020

5 Key Pieces of Loungewear


I love me some loungewear. Back in the day when we used to freely leave the house, I was the kind of person to come home and immediately switch to comfy pants. Home is for comfort…and comfortable I will be! Some of you reading are deemed essential workers (thank you so much for all you do) and still going out to work, but the rest of us are trying a new work from home lifestyle. I’ve read recommendations to dress like you usually would for work to increase focus and productivity, but I say, ehh? Besides, I do my best thinking in sweatpants.

Here are a few Amazon items that might come in handy if our stay-at-home orders get extended. And if you have some favorite loungewear items, share them with me in the comments! You can never have too many comfy clothes.

Comfy Shorts

It’s almost MOM SHORTS season! A bonus of life under lockdown? No one will see how pasty my legs are right now. I like to keep it simple, but I give bonus points to any clothing with pockets. Even if we don’t even have anything to put in our pockets right now, I like the option.

  1. If you want soft, these terry shorts are great.
  2. If you want simple running shorts, Under Armour has these.

Elastic-Waist Pants

Are pants with elastic-waist bands and drop crotches really even REAL pants? These options transition from work to nap to dinner beautifully. Highly recommended for chilling on the couch with your laptop.

  1. We’ve got your standard sweatpants.
  2. Or you could go with a cute wide-leg crop.
  3. These drop crotch pants are unbelievably soft.

Cozy Sweatshirts

I am constantly cold in my house. Even in the summer, you will find me with a cozy sweatshirt in the evenings. If I don’t look like a human marshmallow by the end of the day, I’m doing something wrong.

  1. Keep it simple with these awesome solids.
  2. If you want something a little more stylish and slouchy.
  3. I am also loving this one which would transition well to getting the mail or taking out the trash.

Warm Socks

My commute is from my bed to the kitchen table, so I obviously have to take care of my feet. (Plus you already know that I’m constantly a popsicle.) Since no one on my Zoom conference call can see my silly sock collection, why not rock it?

  1. You can’t go wrong with these patterned wool socks.
  2. Well if no one is looking, might as well have cute animals on your toes!

House Shoes

  1. If you MUST wear shoes, make sure they aren’t even really shoes. These house slippers are perfect for driving to pick up the takeout you ordered when you still don’t leave the car. 

What piece of loungewear are you calling essential for this mandatory quarantine? Share with me in the comments or on Facebook!

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