5 Pieces For Mom To Revamp Her Closet

Earlier this year, I challenged myself to shop in my closet and wear real clothes. I had to get dressed Monday through Friday, not repeat outfits, and add accessories. If I didn’t wear something with the coordinating season, it got donated. I can report that while my challenge wasn’t always perfect, I got dressed more often and felt more productive! (I highly recommend you try this, at least for one week.) The sweatpants era of the pandemic was truly past me! Unless it was after 5pm… hello, comfy clothes!

As I have gotten older, I have found it harder to know what to wear. All the styles that I see at the store remind me of days gone by. I have no desire to wear low-rise jeans and crop tops again, but I need a mom summer fashion revamp. So I called my friend Laura for advice.

Think Versatility & Comfort 

“Moms are busy! They are juggling many hats and are pulled in a lot of directions, sometimes having no time to think about fashion,” explained my friend Laura Kreft, manager of my local EVEREVE. “When I’m styling, I talk about lifestyle and pair pieces back to that. Think versatile and comfortable pieces that can be mixed & matched. A great pair of denim, a versatile dress, and easy everyday icons like tanks and tees, but don’t forget the daring piece! I dare moms to find a light wash, wide-leg denim to bring into the summer!”

Say no more, Laura. If your closet needs a little boost here are some ideas. 

5 Ideas For Mom Summer Fashion

1. Light-Wash Wide-Leg Jeans

Take Laura’s dare and add a new cut of blue jeans to your wardrobe. The light wash compliments a summer top and looks great paired with a sneaker or a platform sandal. (Versatility, people!) 

2. Pull-Over Midi Dress

I love a basic dress like this one from Athleta to throw on when it’s hot outside or pair with a jean jacket for cooler nights. You can accessorize to make it more casual or dressy.

3. Colorful Graphic Tee

As much as I try not to wear an old t-shirt everyday, I like the idea of buying a curated graphic tee when I want to be more casual. This one from Target is affordable and has Dolly Parton. Double win! 

4. Linen Shorts

These linen shorts are a step-up from denim and give new life to tops in your closet. (I especially like it paired with the next item!) 

5. Ribbed Tank

This green tank caught my eye because it is just my color. It pairs well with jeans, linen shorts, or even a pair of overalls you have stuffed in your closet. 


Bonus Item! I am super loving this platform sandal that can go with jeans, dresses, shorts–all of the above! It’s the perfect go-to sandal for summer.

What mom summer fashion are you loving? Don’t gatekeep, tell me in the comments! (Us Moms need all the help we can get.) And thank you to Laura! 

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