5 Retro Workouts It’s Time to Bring Back

I was raised watching my mom and dad pop in a VHS and do a workout in front of the TV. Sometimes (okay… rarely) I would join in, but since it seems everything from the 90s is coming back, can’t we revive some of these gems? 

If you want to mix up your fitness routine and inject a bit of fun, travel back in time with me to the era of neon, bike shorts (the first time they were cool), and scrunchies (those too) with five retro workouts worth revisiting:

  1. Step Aerobics
    I remember using my mom’s Step in my old-school Reeboks back in the 90s. I have a friend who re-discovered the Step recently and takes virtual classes every week. A refresher: this cardio workout challenges participants to perform familiar aerobics moves while stepping onto and off of a raised bench. The height of the bench can be adjusted to intensify the workout and you can add weights to your hands for some extra burn and sculpting. I just ordered a Step and I can’t wait to embarrass my kids with my sweet moves and an awesome 90s playlist.
  2. Tae Bo
    We’re bringing back everything from the ‘90s, right? Another standout from Gen X’s favorite decade was Tae Bo. My dad loved these videos! Created by American taekwondo phenom Billy Blanks, this high-intensity, martial arts-inspired workout gets your heart rate seriously pumping with a variety of kicks and punches. Will you be ready for your first street fight afterward? Probably not. But don’t you think we should be re-visiting this one? 
  3. Jane Fonda’s Workout
    The OG celebrity workout video, this 1982 classic has never been topped. I bet my mom still has some Jane Fonda videos in her attic. Jane Fonda, superstar actress, activist, and locator of the Fountain of Youth, inspired countless women to throw on a leotard and get moving. Between the outfits, Fonda’s cues, and the simple but effective moves, this one remains the gold standard for at-home fitness programs. And seeing Fonda now at 83, I know I’m ready for her next installment. 
  4. Sweatin’ to the Oldies
    Richard Simmons’ workout series from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s had just the right amount of camp to help you forget you were working out. Almost. Set to the top hits from the ‘50s and ‘60s, his aerobics tapes were all about having fun, burning loads of calories, and believing in yourself. Each video has enough motivational quotes to fill a Pinterest board. Best of all, this workout is low impact and can be done anywhere with little to no equipment. I feel like I need some Richard Simmons in my life right now. 
  5. Jazzercise
    If you’ve ever driven by a strip mall, chances are you’ve seen a Jazzercise studio. Mixing dance moves with resistance and strength training, the Jazzercise workout was founded in 1969 by Judi Sheppard Missett and took off in the ‘80s thanks to her home exercise videos. This upbeat, calorie-burning cardio workout is not about perfect dance technique (no Bob Fosse-esque skills required), which is why it remains so popular around the globe. Seriously, I have friends who are devotees. I need to get into a class.

Have you tried any of these retro workouts? Which one do you want to bring back into your routine? Let us know in the comments.