80’s Fashion I Would Try Again

I’ve heard it said that once you wear a fashion trend once, you should never wear it again. I say that’s bogus. I rocked the 80’s look once before and I’d like to do it again. Case in point, my hair is fine and straight and the only time I had any texture was right after walking out of the JCPenney salon with my fresh, smelly perm. (Remember the smell of a perm? GLORIOUS!) I vote to bring perms back because this girl could use a little volume in her hair. 

Speaking of hair, can we normalize bangs? It’s a cheaper solution than botox to deal with these forehead wrinkles. I dropped Lola off for her first day of high school recently, and boys everywhere were rocking mullets and some even had mustaches. If mullets are back, then surely perms and bangs aren’t far behind?

Here’s how I’m planning out my fall season wardrobe inspired by the awesome 80’s…

#1 Shoulder Pads 

This blazer with built-in shoulder pads is gorgeous. I can use it as a layering piece as the seasons’ transition because even though I am ready for fall, it will still be hot around here until at least November. 

I’m going to punch up my tees with shoulder pads to wear with jeans for going out or with slacks to business meetings (or just with sweatpants for at-home zoom calls). 

#2 Banana Clips 

Need a quick up-do to get your permed locks off your neck just in time for Jazzercise class? The banana clip never let us down. I need these clips back in my life for easy-up hair on days when life is too busy. If traditional banana clips aren’t your speed, these big claw clips will do the trick. 

#3 Layering Skirts 

I love wearing leggings as much as the next mom, but also don’t want to show the world everything I’ve got. The 80’s had it right with layering a cute skirt over your tights or stirrup pants. I’m thinking a cute denim skirt would go great right over the top of my favorite leggings.   

Don’t forget your combat boots, slouch socks, and a favorite vintage tee to complete your look. 

#4 BOLD Colors 

I have been wearing this Naked In Neon polish all summer. How can you not smile when you see these bright, fun colors? 

The teal and purple eyeshadows in this palette are so pretty for fall. I love that I can add some color to my eyes without going all-out electric blue.  

#5 Decorative Belts 

I don’t think these belts ever did anything to hold our pants up, but I’m a fan of adding a little sparkle to my wardrobe. These chain belts are bodacious and would look great with my shoulder-padded blazer. 

What 80’s fashion do you think is totally radical enough to wear again? Tell me in the comments. 

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