A Thanksgiving To Remember

Growing up, every Sunday was like a mini-Thanksgiving dinner at my Mema’s house. My family along with my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins always got together. My Grandmother, Betty Richelieu, was part of that glue. She made sure we all got together, kept us in line, and loved us all dearly. My grandmother passed away about a week ago. I’m bracing myself because this Thanksgiving is going to be hard without her. Almost 7 years ago, we lost my Grandfather. They were married for 64 years and madly in love. (Penn actually reminds me a lot of my grandfather.) I like to imagine they are together again. 

Your Disaster Stories 

Penn and I wanted to have a fun Thanksgiving podcast this week to help lift our spirits by hearing from you, our listeners. We asked for your Thanksgiving stories and traditions, and you did not disappoint. It was so fun to listen to all your calls! You gave us a much-needed laugh on a day when we needed it, and for that I am thankful. Even my Mom got in on the fun:  

“Remember the time I put the turkey in the oven and the thermostat broke? The oven made it to about 900 degrees before I smelled the burn. We had to take the turkey to Mema’s house to bake.”

See. There goes Mema… saving the day and being the glue for us all. We will miss her. You can listen to the podcast below, and Happy Thanksgiving: