| May 2019

Are We Screwing Up Our Kids?

Holderness Family

Listen, let me say from the top that, as parents, we do the best we can with the tools we have. Could we all be doing this parenting thing better? Maybe. Are we screwing up on our kids on a daily basis. It’s possible. But as Penn says, if you aren’t worried about screwing up your kids, you’re probably screwing up your kids.

Are all parents doomed to fail?

I was recently listening to a life coaching session and noticed a theme that spiked my blood pressure. Everyone in the session was blaming their parents for their current downfalls as adults. At some point, we all become adults and gain the mental capacity to acknowledge deficiencies, problem solve potential solutions, and move forward. Is it fair to blame our parents forever? But what we can do as parents is make sure we give our kids the tools to cope with things they view as shortcomings.

But what about our kids and our careers?

Due to the nature of our jobs, we get asked ALL THE TIME if we are worried about screwing up our kids. Do we worry that the exposure we get in our careers will mess up our kids? It is a concern, but we share some stories of how we try our best to protect them and give them a voice in their involvement in our videos. On the plus side, we spend more time together as a family thanks to our jobs and that is amazing.

In this podcast episode we share real stories of how we failed as parents. We all have bad days, but it is important to acknowledge that as a parent, we do need to apologize sometimes. We aren’t exempt from apologizing just because we are the parents. We hope you relate to our stories (and don’t judge us too harshly), and the ways we try to be the best parents we can be. Be sure to join our Facebook Group, so we can share your parenting tips with us, too.

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