| Mar 2015

#BooSwap episode 1: Penn gets a blowout

Okay, it sounds like we are trading partners — but really our goal is to help our loved ones understand our habits, hobbies, and indulgences.

This really started when Penn pestered me about getting a “blowout” before a big event. It went like this:


“You paid $40 to have someone blow dry your hair? Don’t you have a blow dryer?”


“It’s totally different and they do it better. They are professionals.”


“Will you give me $40 to blow dry your hair?”


Rolls eyes and walks away.

Later, we talked about ALL the other things each one of us does that is just a mystery to the other:

For me? Fantasy football, CrossFit, driving all over town for limited edition beer.  There’s a lot more.. the list is long.

Penn went first in our very first edition of #BooSwap — What should we try next?

I’m voting for Penn to somehow experience PMS… or natural childbirth!

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