Decisions That Made Us

There’s a TikTok trend floating around right now with people telling how one small, unimportant decision has changed the trajectory of their lives. Most stories are funny or serendipitous, and it got me thinking: What were those moments for Penn and I? What small decision had a “butterfly effect” on the rest of our lives. Instead of one small decision, I found we’ve made several big decisions and leaps of faith to get where we are today.

The Downfall of Blockbuster Video

You could argue that my decision to attend a PR event solely for the free food was a small decision that led me to Penn. However, I believe that no matter what decisions I made in my life, I would still end up with him anyway. On the other hand, I will say that Penn’s experience inside a Blockbuster Video may have been the downfall of the entire franchise. Butterfly effect FOR SURE.

What small or big decisions have helped shape who you are today? Tell me in the comments and enjoy our episode as we tell some never-heard-before stories!