A Guide To Our Podcast

As I’ve said many times before, recording our podcast is one of my favorite things to do. Usually, Penn and I sit down on Fridays and either talk about what’s going on in our lives or get to interview very cool and incredibly smart people. After a long week of writing, shooting, and editing videos, on top of all the other business we take care of, sitting down to reflect or learn is so refreshing. 

I just checked and we’ve recorded over 140 episodes. (Whoa.) Since we get new listeners every day, I wanted to pull out some episodes that truly encapsulate what our podcast is about. This is a good starting place for newbies as well as a fun recap for loyal listeners. As always, thank you for listening and giving us your feedback, it means the world to us.

Let’s Talk About Marriage

The podcast has always been a home for Penn and me to dive deeper into our marriage, and communication skills. We’ve brought in experts to discuss different facets of partnership and we have learned a lot along the way. (So much that some of these inspired our book!)

  1. The Same Fight We Always Have – On this episode, we spoke to our marriage coach, Christopher Edmonston, on recurring vs. episodic fights and how to stop one from turning into the other.
  2. Let’s Talk About Se…I Mean, Ice Cream – Cindy Eckert, creator of the “female Viagra,” joined us to talk through the science of sexual desire and how the lack of it is actually a medical condition.
  3. ADHD vs Anxiety Couples – Penn and I have chosen to be very open about our lives, especially his experience with ADHD and mine with anxiety. This episode was a breakthrough moment for Penn as he learned from an expert on why his brain works the way it does.

Let’s Feel The Feels 

When we aren’t talking about marriage on the podcast, our main topics seem to center around happiness, parenting, and anxiety. Here are some of our most popular episodes about that:

  1. How To Stay Positive – I call Penn my human golden retriever because he just exudes positivity almost all the time. This whole episode was Penn sharing his outlook on life and how to sprinkle positivity into your day-to-day. I recommend taking notes.
  2. The Back to School Decision – At the height of the pandemic, we were faced with the crucial decision of sending our kids back to school or not. Penn and I got real on the emotion we were facing at the time.
  3. Why You’re Feeling This Way – Are you feeling all the feels? What if I told you there was a name to the rollercoaster of emotions you are feeling right now? Em Sexton shares what the heck is going on.

Let’s Laugh & Learn

The rest of our podcast gets to showcase some experts teaching us something new or Penn and I being silly and laughing our butts off. These episodes cover that.

  1. How to Have Better Conversations – We so enjoyed our conversation with Dan Sipp about the different types of interruptions and how we could be better listeners to each other. (And because Dan has a comedy improv background we laughed a lot too.)
  2. What is Intermittent Fasting and How Does it Work? – One of our most popular episodes to date is when we brought on Dr. Harriet Hansell to talk about intermittent fasting.
  3. Decisions That Made Us – This episode was all about the butterfly effect, and how one decision could change the whole trajectory of your life. It was supposed to be a semi-serious episode, but what came out of it was Penn sharing his embarrassing “incident” in a Blockbuster Video.

If you still aren’t sure where to start, check out today’s episode below, Favorite Podcast Moments, where our team shares clips from some of their favorite episodes over the years. Happy listening!