Ep. 4 Recap: The Amazing Race

For me, sometimes just showing up is a victory. Never has it been more true for me than showing up to start The Amazing Race, AGAIN.  But we did it. After a 19 month pause in production, we restarted The Race. 

Leaving our family (again) wasn’t easy. Remember, there are no cell phones so we wouldn’t be able to contact our kids while we were gone. It was hard. And, we knew how strong every single team was this time around. Even though we had won a leg before the shutdown, I was intimidated. 

We talked about the Covid precautions the race put in place in this blog post and in today’s video recap. 

Back To The Start

This fourth leg of The Race brought us to Switzerland. Our starting line was in the stunning courtyard of St. Gallen Cathedral. I had never been to Switzerland and I have every intention of going back when we aren’t sprinting up a mountain. 

In today’s recap we talk about our emotions going back, my mini-breakdown at a challenge and we chatted with our friends Moe Badger and Mike Norwood who, unfortunately, were eliminated last night. (There was a task you didn’t see and that would explain A LOT.)

We couldn’t cover everything in this recap, and we missed some really big items. First of all, WHERE DID EVERYONE GO? After a 19 month pause on production due to Covid, four teams weren’t able to rejoin The Race. 

  • Sam & Connie were expecting their sweet baby boy.
  • Ray & Caro had intentions of returning, but because Caro is not a US citizen, she was having visa issues.
  • Anthony & Spencer also wanted to rejoin, but Anthony had just started a new job and could not take almost a month off that was required. 
  • And last, Taylor and Isaiah got a devastating call just days before we were set to start. They did show up to restart The Race. They had their blue shirts and backpacks and they were ready to race. But, just two days before Phil said, “GO!”, they got the call that Taylor’s brother had died from Covid. We were all so heartbroken for them and obviously, the priority was to be with their family.

Knowing all these teams now, it makes me sad you can’t get to know them on TV. We hope to interview them each as the season progresses so you can get to know them a little better through our little podcast. 

 I really hope each of the teams gets an opportunity to run The Race again in the future.