It’s so hard. Every. Single. Day.

Cue up the Boyz II Men. It’s time to talk about our morning routine.

Most of our songs just write themselves. For those who follow us, you know that it’s a simple formula: 

  1. Look at what’s going on in our family.
  2.  Make it rhyme.
  3. Set up a camera.

From conception to completion, this video took 72 hours.  Sixty-six of those hours were spent with Penn sitting in the attic like a nerd learning how to use autotune properly.  The rest could not have been any easier.

“Hey Lola, can you look tired, and grumpy, and indifferent, and fuss? Yep, exactly like that.  Cut. Print.

“Hey Penn Charles I know it’s 2:30, but can you get back in your pajam…  oh, you’re still in them? Perfect.”

“Hey, we should turn the kitchen into a mess like it is in the morn… wait, look, it’s already like that!”

Bottom line, our kids are not good at the morning routine, and it’s probably because WE aren’t very good at the morning routine.  We shout every morning, we panic every morning, and inevitably we bend to their will every morning.

Check out the video and please, HELP!!! Any advice on how to break the cycle and get them out the ^%$ing door in time?

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