Getting Out Of A Slump

I feel very fortunate to have had our careers and health for the past two years, but I have been in an emotional slump. As we move into life in post-pandemic times, I am very aware of how I want to re-enter it. I have been very intentional the past few weeks to re-engage more in my social circle. You guys, I even did things with other people on FOUR days last week! That’s a whole lot of extroverting for me, but I am determined to push past this slump. 

Hobbies That Don’t Serve Us 

Penn has been in a recent slump with his tennis hobby. He realized he has been putting more emphasis on his athletic performance instead of just having fun. As you may know, I am currently on the hunt for a new hobby myself. As I head into this hobby-hunting journey, Penn and I discuss how to know when a hobby isn’t serving us in good ways. I certainly don’t want what’s supposed to be my stress relief to turn into a stressor. I know that I am a very competitive person and like to win, so a hobby focused on competition likely isn’t going to be the best for me. 

Join us this week as we chat about our slumps, old and new hobbies (first up – Tai Chi!), and living life to the fullest. 

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