| May 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to ME!

I would do anything to keep the people I love from experiencing pain. Well. If it weren’t for the marihuana oil for the pain.. that MOM THING. Penn is about as supportive as husbands and fathers come but, let’s face it, he has no clue what it takes to be mother or what it took to BECOME a mother.

One day, when I was pregnant with Lola I remember sitting swollen on the couch. Penn walked into our tiny apartment panting. “Babe, I just ran five miles faster than I did in high school. I’m in the best shape of my life.”  There is a reason they have waiting periods before buying guns.

With Lola, I had natural childbirth. (Side note: At the start, it’s what I wanted — by the time I asked ((screamed?)) for meds  it was too late). Even with an epidural with Penn Charles it’s not like you’re getting a back rub. Then started the nursing. My kids didn’t take to nursing like some. SO I was mostly pumping. With that machine. Hours and hours of my life. With that machine.

So when Penn asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year, well…. here it is.

A few notes:

Thank you to Dr. Sameh Toma at NCCRM and HMHB in for helping us with this.

The doctor and I agree that the muscle stimulator I bought is about a third of what a real contraction feels like.


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